How do I deposit cash at ING?

Having a dematerialized bank account is a plus… which can sometimes play tricks on you. This is the case with ING.

It is certainly one of the best online banks with impeccable, qualitative, smiling and friendly customer service.. But it’s not easy to be perfect everywhere, in every way. This is why ING suffers from a terrible lack which has already been noted by the community: it is not possible to deposit money as one could do with a traditional bank branch. However, we have several tips for you.

In this article, we will explain the why and how. Why does ING not allow cash to be deposited in one’s own bank account? What is blocking, what is happening? Thereafter, we will give you some little tips, very simple and easy to implement, to allow you to credit your bank account effectively, with complete peace of mind.

The impossibility of depositing cash with ING: Why ?

ING is an online bank with a big success in France. Many users and customers are members and have decided to trust this online bank. Since its creation, ING announces that it has won the hearts and confidence of more than one million people. It’s not as much as Boursorama Banque, which is proudly approaching two million users, but it’s still an excellent figure.

ING is an online bank which requires monthly proof of €1,200/month. Thus, it is not possible to use this account without incurring an expense. It is a guarantee which can force users to make the ING account, its main bank account.

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ING has designed its offer by distinguishing it from other people who do not hesitate to charge for certain services such as customer service. This is also the best customer service we could have had.

Cash deposit is not possible for a very simple reason: it is not a traditional bank. It does not have a physical bank branch like Crédit Mutuel, Banque Populaire, BNP Paribas or Société Générale.

All steps are done online. This bank is 100% dematerialized.
Fortunately, depositing checks is possible… although it is a time-consuming step, since it requires sending the check through La Poste.

Tips for depositing money into your ING bank account

ING, which used to be called ING Direct, allows checks to be deposited. So, if someone decides to give you cash for Christmas or your birthday, don’t hesitate to ask for a check or bank transfer. The presence of the check will favor its deposit. It is relatively simple: you have to take a check remittance slip from your customer area, fill it out and put this slip and the check in an envelope to be sent to the ING offices. We recommend that you take a photo of your shipment, in order to limit the risk of loss of mail. Bank transfer is the ultimate solution.

If ING is not your main bank, a second solution is available to you: it consists of cashing the currency directly into your traditional physical bank account to transfer it to your ING account. It’s that simple !

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