What does the NATIXIS direct debit correspond to?

Is your account debited with an amount denominated under the name of NATIXIS? What is this levy attached to? What is it about ? What organization or company takes money from you? Find out what “Natixis Financement Sepa Direct Debit” means.

Natixis bank, What is it about ?

Natixis Financement is a subsidiary of the Banque Populaire Caisse d’Epargne group. This bank specializes in consumer credit, even if it offers traditional services such as savings.

Some people are not Natixis customers but are nevertheless regularly debited from their account. How to explain it?

Make sure that in case of consolidation of accounts, your partner has not taken out credit with this bank. If the loans have been repaid, contact Natixis customer service to request an explanation.

It could also be fraud. A person may have taken out a loan in your name, which would explain the debits on your bank account.

How do I stop NATIXIS direct debits?

To stop being debited by the NATIXIS bank, contact the group’s customer service without delay. File a complaint on 08 90 31 13 09. The service is billed at 0.80 cents per minute in addition to the price of the call.

You can also make your complaints in writing to the complaints department. By post, send your letter by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address:


47, quai d’Austerlitz

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75013 Paris

By email, contact Natixis customer service at this address: reclamations-bcg@natixis.com.

To oppose direct debits, you can also contact your bank advisor. Make an appointment with him to find a solution.

How can I find out more about Natixis shares?

If you are curious and seeing the Natixis direct debits only aroused your curiosity even more, you will find more information on this page which is very comprehensive on the subject: https://invest-sur -internet.com/how-to-buy-shares-on-line/share-natixis/

As you can see, it turns out that Natixis shares are possibly very good opportunities to make you money today. Indeed, at a time when the French are increasingly in need after the terrible economic crisis that the country has been through, all good opportunities are good to take, and the French who are in need know it perfectly .

By visiting this online site, you will be able to find out about Natixis in detail, but also to know the Natixis share price. Thus, having this information brought to your attention, you can then decide whether or not to invest in Natixis shares. In a few lines, you will understand that the Natixis group is very influential today, and that since its IPO in 2006, there is no shortage of investment opportunities today.

Should you invest in Natixis shares?

If, like more and more French people, you now want to invest in savings to earn a little more money than with a booklet A or an LDD (Livret Développement Durable), you might be able to do good business by buying Natixis shares. If at the time of writing these lines, Natixis shares remain an excellent opportunity, this will not necessarily be the case later when you read this article. It is therefore exactly for this reason that we recommend today that you keep yourself informed every day about the Natixis share price if you are hesitating to make a purchase in the days to come…

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