The New Moon in Cancer for July 2021

The new lunar cycle

A new lunar cycle begins with Cancer’s New Moon on July 9-10, 2021. The start of this new cycle brings a welcome break from the eclipse energy that we have been working with. It represents the first steps on the new path that the eclipses have drawn for us.

Eclipses are powerful portals of rebirth. They can close doors, open doors as well and turn our lives upside down in order to push us towards a path of higher consciousness.

This new, higher path of eclipses has now arrived, and this July New Moon represents the first stop on our journey.

As we embark on this new journey, the July New Moon is the perfect opportunity to set intentions around what we wish to embody as we begin this new chapter.

What energies do you want to tap into?

How would you like to navigate in this new chapter which is now before you?

Take a moment to close your eyes and visualize the type of energies you wish to embrace, transport and imprint on this new path. Imagine these energies flowing through your body and sinking deep into the Earth.
The Cancer energy of this New Moon can also serve as a guide, helping us navigate the early stages of this new path.

Cancer is ruled by the crab, compassionate, loyal and protective. The hard outer shell represents the crab’s ability to protect not only itself, but also those it loves. The soft interior represents the sensitive and loving heart that often motivates the crab.

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How to find the balance?

How do you find the balance between the softness of the heart and the harsh limits that are necessary to feel secure and protected?

The crab also carries its house on its back, which represents its desire to always feel safe. Under these New Moon energies, we too can think of ways to feel more secure and « at home » wherever we have landed.

Feeling at home is really about acceptance. It’s about accepting that this is where we need to be, even though we may feel challenged, fearful, or at odds with what lies ahead.

Under the energies of the July New Moon, think about how you can embrace this idea of ​​feeling at home within yourself. How can you move into a state of love and peace in your inner and outer worlds?

The energies present

In addition to the beautiful, sensitive energies that the Cancer zodiac brings, there are other energies to consider under this New Moon.

At the time of this New Moon, we are still working with the T-Square energies of Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Even though this energy is something we have worked with before this New Moon, we can feel some of its tension.

T-squares tend to inspire action, but that action is sometimes created by a feeling of being pushed against a wall or by frustration. It can cause us to reach a breaking point or an end point, forcing us to finally step up and change our habits.

If you are feeling this energy under the New Moon, consider how you can connect with the fearless warrior within. You can also find advice by asking yourself the question: How can I lead with love rather than fear?

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Chiron’s energy

Another energy active on this New Moon is Chiron. Chiron is an asteroid known as the Wounded Healer. It is also said that it represents the bridge between one state of consciousness and the next. Chiron brings a healing quality to this New Moon. This is gentle, supportive energy that we can use to help relieve pain around old wounds.

We may find ourselves seeing these wounds in a new light and seeing the strength and wisdom they have bestowed on us, rather than pain and sadness. We may even find ourselves embracing our own injured inner healer and allowing our wounds to become powerful healing tools for ourselves and for others.

Welcoming the energies of the New Moon

If you are looking for healing energy in your life for any reason, welcome the energies of this New Moon. Set an intention for these healing energies to pass through the top of your head and out from the tips of your feet.

Overall, the July Cancer New Moon is a welcome change from the intensity of previous lunar cycles we’ve worked with.

While it can stir up tension and trigger old wounds, it also offers us healing breakthroughs, inspiring us to overcome our fears and lead with love.

However you experience the energies of this New Moon, remember that self-esteem, self-nourishment, and the feeling of being at home within yourself and this new path that has now arrived. are all ways to help you get through this lunar cycle.

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