Earn money on the Internet without spending it: how to do it?

Today, the Internet is an excellent way to find side jobs. Indeed, on the web, there are several solutions to collect an additional source of income. Discover all our tips for earning pocket money or making a living from your activities on the Internet. Zoom on the sites that pay and the missions that bring in money.

Perform small tasks on the Internet

Read paid emails

This very simple way to earn money does not require any skill. Often, all you have to do is visit a website or sign up for an offer to earn a commission. Thanks to paid email sites like Moolinea or Loonea, you can receive around ten euros each month.

Respond to surveys or satisfaction surveys

Earn money by answering online surveys. Indeed, many brands want the opinion of target people before launching a new product on the market.

Among the websites that offer this kind of micro-tasks, let’s mention Toluna, Clixsense or GreePanthera.

Click on advertisements

This technique is one of the most common. Again, no special skills needed. All you have to do is register on a website and then click on the advertising banners. The sites that offer this kind of mission are called Paid to Clic. Neobux is a market leader in France.

Register on a remunerative site

You want to accomplish all these small tasks listed below. You should know that there are sites that offer this kind of mission (reading emails, surveys, like, research on the web, promotion of a product, etc.). Depending on the action, you can win between a few cents and ten euros. Sign up for Paid to Clic such as Ba-Click, IGraal or Clixsense.

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By spending a lot of time there, it is quite possible to earn up to a minimum wage at the end of the month.

Sell ​​your skills online

On the Internet, it is easy to highlight your know-how and monetize it. Do you have specific skills in an area? Offer your services on platforms such as 5euros. Write, correct or translate a text, offer computer troubleshooting, do community management, etc. This is a solution to make ends meet.

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How to earn money with your blog ?

Bloggers manage to live comfortably thanks to their website. But how do they do it?

The advertisement

In fact, there are several solutions to make your blog profitable. The first is to use GoogleAdsense. Display ads on your blog to earn money with every click. If your website generates a good number of visits, this plan will prove to be very profitable.

Then you can sell ad space on your site to a business. Some are looking for virtual inserts to boost their visibility on the Internet.

Product Affiliation with Amazon

This technique consists of recommending an Amazon product on your blog. As soon as a purchase is made thanks to your recommendation, you receive a commission. This varies according to the purchase price (between 3 and 10%). All you have to do is register on the American giant’s site, choose the products that interest you, create the partner link and then post it on your blog. Some bloggers manage to live off this source of income.

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The sale of e-books

Is your blog a showcase of your professional activity or are you an expert in a specific field? The other way to make money on the Internet without spending it is to write an e-book and sell it on your blog.

It can be a working book or a manuscript. The only condition required is to be the author in order to avoid litigation for plagiarism.

Put your document online and determine the selling price yourself, taking into account the number of pages, the quality of the text and the subject.

To put the odds on your side, use a landing page. This page will be specially dedicated to promoting your e-book. And to promote your product, share the page on all your social networks or via a newsletter.

Know that the sale of an e-book can generate passive income for several years.

Do business online without spending anything

Dropshipping has it all. This business method does not require any investment, which is a way to earn a living from scratch.

Indeed, with this online business, there is no need to own a stock at home. You sell a product to a customer without physically owning it. In fact, you act as an intermediary between the consumer and the supplier. It is the latter who will take care of the delivery of the order.

However, to start your business, you will need technical skills in order to create an online store. You will earn a commission on each sale.

If dropshipping allows professional opportunities, the fact remains that the competition is very tough.

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