How to decorate an empty wall?

In a living room, hallway, kitchen or bedroom, you can end up with an empty wall. For interior design enthusiasts, this is a blank slate to exercise their creativity. But those who stay away from decorating magazines can find themselves at a loss for inspiration. Fortunately, we help you decorate an empty wall in a simple way. And without blowing your house budget. All our tips and wise advice to embellish your home with ease.

Decorate an empty wall with paint or wallpaper

paint an empty wall

In terms of wall covering, you will be spoiled for choice in DIY stores. In addition, painting an empty wall or wallpapering it to decorate it is one of the most effective (and radical!) solutions.

But be careful, don’t let yourself be lulled by traditional wallpapers that lack dynamism. Instead, bet on a trendy tapestry model with original patterns (graphic, geometric, floral, exotic, etc.). You will bring pep to your interior, especially if the rest of the room is monochrome.

And in the paint department, opt more for natural colors such as gray, taupe, ocher, beige, amber honey… On the other hand, if the objective is to illuminate a room by decorating an empty wall, choose striking colors such as duck blue or mustard yellow. Without forgetting the new fashionable shades such as living coral.

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Wall decoration : the stickers or sticker

Then there is an attractive alternative to painting or tapestry. And this decoration does not require any work to be carried out. All you need is some dexterity to decorate an empty wall in just a few minutes.

The wall sticker, also called sticker or decorative adhesive, is a good way to embellish a room. In decoration stores or on the Internet, you will easily find wall sticker models for all rooms in the house. In a child’s room, select an animal-themed wall decal, for example. And in the living room, bathroom or kitchen, opt instead for a model of stickers on the theme of nature or for an inspiring phrase such as a famous quote.

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Decorate the walls with frames, taking care of the layout

decorate house wall

Decorating an empty wall with a painting or a photo frame, everyone is capable of it. All you need to do is know how to hang a decoration on the wall. On the other hand, when it comes to demonstrating originality, it is important to avoid bad taste.

To avoid a decoration that is too wise, without relief, we do not recommend the frame alone. Prefer the accumulation to compose a real picture. For this, you can arrange a wall of several compositions by playing with sizes and colors. For example, alternate objects of round or oval size with those of square or rectangular shape.

On the color side, opt for models with black or gold outlines, for example, by inserting each time. The objective is then to decorate an empty wall by creating an original decoration. Forget conformism!

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Decorate an empty wall with diy creations

Then, handmade enthusiasts will use DIY to decorate an empty wall in their home. There are several possibilities to illuminate a room. Among them, the suspension with Polaroid photos.

This trendy idea combines memories and the pleasure of homemade. Without forgetting the vintage touch of the pictures which will bring an authentic note to your interior. And to perfect the atmosphere of your room, opt for photos that make you smile, such as photos of holidays or events (birthdays, for example). Your loved ones will enjoy stopping in front of your old empty wall to observe the pictures.

Hang mirrors on a wall for a graphic rendering

decorate a wall with a mirror

If you are neither painting nor photography, perhaps you prefer mirrors. Practical for examining yourself before going through the door, they are also trendy decorative objects.

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The decorative idea is to make a jumble of mirrors by varying the geometric shapes. Have fun with sizes and shapes to create an original and dynamic look. In addition, it is an ideal solution to decorate an empty wall in a bold way. Round mirror, oval mirror, square, rectangular, asymmetrical, with a gold edge… Do not limit yourself to a single style of mirror. However, unity must be created to remain in harmony.

Advice : if you like mirrors but fear bad taste, play it safe by opting for the XXL mirror. It is placed on the wall in a very simple way and decorates it with elegance. And to illuminate your hallway, entrance, living room or bedroom with colour, prefer a golden mirror model, to be decorated or not with a guinguette-style garland.

A painting, yes, but an original canvas

Admittedly, the painting to be fixed to the wall is very ordinary to decorate an empty wall, but there are some original models. If you have a rustic, vintage or industrial style house, bet on the geography map in the form of a table. This is a fashion decoration for living room or bedroom. You will find plenty of different models in decoration and furnishing stores.

On the other hand, if you are more into inspirational phrase and philosophy of life, adopt the message board. On an empty wall, it instantly diffuses a good atmosphere. There are all kinds of models: romantic message, humorous, quotation… This kind of paintings is more particularly suitable for the relaxation area, on an empty wall above a sofa, for example.

Make a living decoration

Plant Wall Apartment

Have you ever heard of the green wall in interior decoration? The principle is very simple. The goal is to grow one or more plants on a vertical surface, in this case your wall.

The green wall leaves room for your creativity and your most total imagination.

You can use hanging plants, climbing plants, branches or nothing prevents you from creating a decoration using a frame and stabilized plant moss. This kind of painting stabilized with real indoor plants will sublimate your interior. An even nicer little trick to stage your decoration: combine several frames of different sizes and play with shapes and colors. This will allow you to have a unique and 100% vegetable wall decoration.

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To make your green wall a success, there are certain conditions that must be respected:

  • The most important point is the light. It is essential that the amount of light is high enough to allow your vegetation to flourish. The lighting should not be from bottom to top but from top to bottom, otherwise your plants will grow haphazardly.
  • It will also be necessary to think about a watering system to allow the good development of your vegetation. Also remember to provide a water drainage solution.
  • Plants that have a low water requirement should be placed at the top of the wall.

Use trendy objects to compose an original wall

Do you want to decorate an empty wall with objects? Know that this solution is in tune with the times. To give character to your interior, you have several options:

  • exhibit your favorite instrument (e.g. guitar, violin, etc.);
  • highlight your favorite object (holiday souvenir, exotic or curious accessory, mottled element, etc.);
  • play on accumulation to create style (eg several straw hats or ethnic baskets, etc.);
  • give color to your empty wall with a rug brought back from travel. Some models of very colorful Berber carpets hang easily on the wall, for example.

Wall decoration with storage such as shelves

And if to decorate an empty wall, you used smart storage? This is a good technique to combine business with pleasure without getting into the work.

A shelf can take place on an entire section of empty wall or behind a living room sofa. On the shelves, arrange decorative objects to create a nice visual effect. Trinkets, holiday memories, vases, green plants, books… Store without forgetting the aesthetics.

Finally, you can also opt for the wooden ladder. Trendy, this small piece of furniture invites itself perfectly into an entrance hall, a living room or a bedroom. On the ladder, place a few knick-knacks and decorations (table lamp, candle, tealight, etc.). And to perfect the bohemian chic atmosphere, combine the small piece of furniture with a garland in the guinguette style.

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