6 essential home accessories

Our apartments are filled with objects whose function is not always very precise. Others, who do not necessarily look like much, serve us on a daily basis. Here are some accessories that, among others, make everyday life easier.

Clothes pegs

These familiar little objects have more uses than you might think. They are of course used to hang shirts and trousers in the dryer.

But these clips can also be used to close a package of pasta or cookies. Thus protected, the food will keep better. They also prevent the tablecloth from slipping. Rather than putting your toothbrush in a glass, you can place it on a clothespin placed at an angle.

Placed in a circle around a candle, clothes pegs make it a very original object. And why not hang your photos, using clips, on a rope or a mesh panel, sometimes surrounded by a frame?

And the clothespin even protects your fingers when driving a nail.

The virtues of the patio heater

This patio umbrella isn’t just for cafes or restaurants, this patio heater article tells you all the benefits.

Thanks to him, you can spend the evening on the balcony or in the garden. The heating parasol indeed diffuses a gentle heat, sufficient to combat the freshness of summer evenings and protect you from the frosts of winter.

The refined shape of this parasol gives it the right of citizenship on your terrace, which it helps to embellish. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a parasol that runs on gas or electricity.

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Hand vacuum cleaner: you won’t be able to do without it

You notice, once again, that your carpet attracts dust. And, for good measure, the youngest has just crushed his cookie on it.

In this case, the handheld vacuum cleaner becomes very practical. No need to take your usual vacuum cleaner out of the closet and handle this somewhat bulky device. Wireless, the portable vacuum cleaner is very light and can sneak into every corner.

You will have cleaned the dust from the carpet and the remains of the cookie in the blink of an eye. Very handy, the handheld vacuum cleaner can also slip under sofa cushions or car seats. And it’s perfect for clearing the table of crumbs.

In addition, these portable vacuum cleaners benefit, for the most part, from a large autonomy and are distinguished by an elegant design.

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glass bottles, simply

They don’t look anything like that. But, behind their banality, glass bottles hide unexpected resources.

They are of course the receptacle of various liquids or your preparations. Well sealed, they will keep them perfectly. But they can also become decorative elements in their own right.

Some bottles make very pretty vases, ready to receive flowers and foliage. If you place a candle in the neck, they become very presentable candle holders. They can also fit into the decor of a party. For Halloween, for example, you can, with a little paint, turn them into pumpkins!

What if, instead of placing them in a frame, you put your photos in a bottle? It is possible to introduce them into the bottle by means of a brush for example.

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How about a notepad?

Can you imagine all you can do with a simple notepad? It collects your shopping list or urgent appointments.

It also accompanies your reading or your outings. This is how, as soon as a sentence seduces you, you write it down in your precious notebook. If, in the street or during a walk, an event or the attitude of people attracts your attention, you record them on the notepad. In the same spirit, your notebook can become a travel journal full of personal notes.

The notepad is also your reminder. You will write on its pages the list of things to do, tomorrow and the following days. And, to make it look even more like you, consider giving it a personal touch.

A flashlight

A flashlight is one of those items that you may always need on a daily basis. In the event of a power outage, it gives you a more powerful light than the candle and it lights up faster. If you want to find it without bumping into all the furniture, always store it in the same place.

But the torch can also be very useful for locating a small object that has slipped under a piece of furniture. If you forgot your book at the bottom of the garden, it will be easier to find it by the light of your flashlight.

If you come home late at night, the torch will also help you locate the keyhole.

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