How to win the lottery?

Who hasn’t dreamed of hitting the jackpot? The lotto, game of chance par excellence, has many followers. Every week, many players tick their grids. To hope to win a large sum, and why not become a millionaire, there are tips. What if the luck factor had nothing to do with all this? Discover all our advice to increase your chances of winning, if not to become very rich!

Lotto, choose numbers at random

Some lotto fans always play the same numbers. Most of the time, these are dates of birth. What if that doesn’t turn out to be the best method? Trust chance by playing flash lotteries or having a few numbers given to you by specialized sites. Tirage-Gagnant, for example, offers you numbers to play.

Winning a large sum of money in the event of a win also requires ingenuity. Play, for example, sequences of numbers. Generally, players prefer to tick one number per ten. If your numbers come out, you are more likely to win the prize pool by being alone in rank 1.

What if you study statistics? In fact, the lottery has been around for many years. It is therefore possible to quantize the output of a number. Play the ones that appear most often on screen.

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Play lotto together

Fill in lotto grids between members of the same family, between friends or between colleagues. Obviously, by offering several combinations of numbers, you increase your chances of winning!

Playing in a group also saves money. Indeed, even if the price of a grid does not turn out to be excessive, the lotto, like all other games of chance, can quickly turn into an addiction, and represent a real budget.

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Namely, the Française des Jeux has been offering a new system since 2015 to avoid disputes in the event of a win. Just check the “Group play” box on the grid. A receipt is then issued to each player.

If you prefer to play alone, but don’t want to spend too much money, there is a trick. Play less often but check more grids. By doing so, you increase your chances of winning!

Finally, favor special days to try your luck. The number of winners is often higher during events. Friday the 13th, for example, turns out to be a good day to hit the jackpot!

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