Appetite suppressant: how it works

When you want to lose just a few pounds, you often turn to appetite suppressants. Without putting in too much effort, one should get quick results. Being able to put on a bikini on the beach or get into pretty tight dresses or last year’s jeans is a good motivation for many women. But let’s not forget the men, who would also like to lose their little belly or bulges just before summer.

The most famous appetite suppressants

When we search the Net for the best appetite suppressants, we regularly come across the same products. A lot of information concerns them, whether at the level of the ingredients, their effectiveness, the undesirable effects. These are rather rare and mainly concern overdoses. On you can find out more about the 3 main appetite suppressants (Unique Oodia, PhenQ and Glucomannan Plus), knowing that Unique Oodia is gradually being replaced by PhenQ.

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If we believe what is reported on, PhenQ would be a compendium of all other appetite suppressants, and perhaps the best on the market in May 2019. Some detractors say the complete opposite, although clinical studies have been carried out, they do not want to recognize the results obtained as proof of their effectiveness.

How the appetite suppressant works

The appetite suppressant acts on « satiety ». This term comes from the Latin « Satietas » which means: satiation, sufficiency. The appetite suppressant gives the impression to the brain that the stomach is full and even if he ate he could experience a feeling of discomfort. On the other hand, satiety also concerns thirst, it is necessary to be careful to continue to hydrate regularly.

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The appetite suppressant is a food supplement, it should not be too strong and prevent the person from eating. She can eat whatever she wants, if she doesn’t want to go on a diet, but in less quantity. If she follows a diet excluding fats, sugar, salt, the portions should be calibrated so as not to be too large, but still sufficient.

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The purpose of the appetite suppressant is not to get into a diet state but to reduce portions in order to use and burn stored fat. The impression of satiety is present but the body lacks fats to consume and it feels obliged to seek them from the reserves. This only works for a fairly short time. It’s not a long-term solution. The brain and the body realize the deception fairly quickly. It is a possibility to lose a few pounds at the beginning of the year to prepare a dream body for the summer, but it should only be used over a fairly short period ending no more than 3 weeks before departure.

The appetite suppressant still works for some time after stopping treatment. This feeling of disgust with food because we are full, fades after a few days. This is why you have to stop the treatment almost 1 month before departure to take full advantage of your vacation. Too bad, if at the end of these, it is a little more difficult to close the jeans.

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The scientific side

3 important criteria come into play:

  • The drop in blood sugar will alert the hypothalamus which will immediately release neuromediators (Neuropeptide Y, endocannabinoids). These will cause the person to search for food.
  • Ghrelin is a hormone that activates the urge to eat. It decreases as food is ingested.
  • Lipids dwindling in fatty tissue can alert the brain to lack of food.
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anorectic hormones

Anorectic comes from the Latin « an » (deprived of) and « oxesis » (appetite), this is the scientific name for appetite suppressants.

  • Leptin is the main hormone in the satiety process. Leptin levels depend on dietary habits. The more you usually eat, the longer it will take by reducing the portions for the hormone to accept this new level.
  • Serotonin must transform food into fuel, this is thermogenesis. After reaching a certain feeling of happiness, serotonin will work to use food to transform it into usable energy. It must be helped to evacuate energy to the outside of the body instead of storing it. A bit of exercise, such as some indoor exercise or a brisk walk, is ideal for burning calories. (Thermogenesis = ability to transform fats into energy thanks to serotonin)
  • insulin is hypoglycemic. It is secreted by the pancreas, its role is to lower blood sugar levels. The more sugar you ingest, the more insulin comes into play, and the more satiety can set in. On the other hand, it blocks all the hormones that facilitate weight loss such as cortisol. So, the less sweet you eat, the more the ordemanding hormones (orexis = appetite) can do their job.

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