Round or rectangular kitchen table?

The table is one of the central elements of a kitchen. In addition to reinforcing the decorative style of the room, it also constitutes a space that complements the worktop to put your dishes in preparation. It can also form a dining table in its own right which replaces and complements the one fitted in the dining room. The choice of the kitchen table should therefore not be made at random if we want it to fully fulfill all its roles. How to choose your kitchen table? Find practical advice in this article.

Round Rectangular Kitchen Table

Choose according to the shape

The kitchen table mainly comes in three shapes namely the rectangular, round and square table. Each form has its advantages and disadvantages. To facilitate the choice, find below the details on each type of kitchen tables.

The round table for its decorative aspect

The round table stands out above all in terms of its design. Certainly, this type of tables is quite common in cafes, terraces and gardens. In a kitchen, a round table has a definite decorative advantage. It seems lighter and brings a touch of originality to the design. Opt for this type of kitchen table if you want to focus on aesthetics.

However, you should know that the round table generally accommodates a limited number of chairs. In the majority of cases, it only has 4 places. You will need to provide a much larger space if you want to have a round table with 6 or more seats in your kitchen.

There are round kitchen tables equipped with extensions. They are then transformed into an oval table to offer more seats without cluttering up the space. Opt for these models if you want to have a round table while gaining in the number of places and space available in your kitchen. Click here to read our tips for furnishing a small room.

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The rectangular table to save space

The rectangular table is ideal if you have a narrow space in your kitchen, but more or less long. It can perfectly adapt to this space without being too bulky. Depending on the length of the space available, the rectangular table will be able to offer at least 6 seats, which is an important advantage, especially if there are many of you in the household or if you regularly receive several guests.

The look of the rectangular table can turn out to be ordinary. This type of kitchen table is, however, available in a very wide choice of models and decorative styles. By picking from among the many models on sale here, you could therefore find a rectangular kitchen table with an original and unique look that will fully satisfy you.

The square table for small spaces

The square table will go perfectly to small kitchens with limited space. Indeed, it occupies very little space due to its shape with four equal sides. It also offers a nice design that is pleasant to the eye and can perfectly adapt to all styles of decoration. In addition to saving space, there is therefore a pleasant visual appearance for this type of kitchen table.

Note, however, that the square kitchen table offers a limited number of places. It only offers 4 places, one for each side. This type of table will therefore not suit you if you have more than 4 people in the household or if you plan to accommodate a more or less large number of guests.

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Round Rectangular Kitchen Table Tips

The style of decoration: an important selection criterion

Whichever shape of table you choose for your kitchen, you should be picky about its look. The colors and the general design of the table should match the style of decoration you want to adopt in your kitchen. The styles today are many and varied. From vintage to contemporary via Scandinavian or even art and deco, there is no shortage of styles. You would have to choose according to your tastes. Indeed, the choice of a kitchen table is a question of comfort and personal taste.

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