Getting started with yoga: how to start alone at home?

It can be quite intimidating to get started in yoga without a yogi master or coach to guide you, help you find your style or correct your postures. However, it is perfectly possible to start yoga alone at home and reach a good level. We share here with you the recommendations and tips to achieve this.

Getting started with yoga: how to start alone at home?

There are many methods for make up for the absence of a yogi master when you start yoga. You just have to know them and you even quickly go from uncertainty to the embarrassment of choice to get started…

Yoga videos on YouTube

It’s almost a no-brainer, but YouTube is definitely one of the best options to take advantage of to get started in yoga. You will find many videos that offer complete programs with postures adapted to several profiles of practitioners.

So a novice yogi will just have to select a good beginner video to practice with. Alternatively, if you are not a big VOD consumer, some kiosks still offer solo yoga dvd for your satisfaction.

yoga apps

Videos are obviously a good solution. But the most modern option for learning yoga alone at home is definitely the yoga apps. Unlike DVDs or videos on YouTube, these allow regular monitoring and lessons that evolve with you, just as if you had a virtual coach in your living room.

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What do you need to practice yoga at home?

If it is possible to practice yoga with little equipment (or even without equipment for confirmed yogis), it is better to be well equipped when you are a beginner.

A yoga outfit

To choose a yoga outfit, the key word must be simplicity. Your outfit should allow air and blood to circulate and allow you to breathe deeply. Proper attire should not restrict your movement. It is therefore best to avoid leggings, tights, pants or sports bras that are too tight.

Opt instead for loose and elastic clothes. As far as materials are concerned, natural fibers such as cotton or linen allow the skin to breathe and are therefore the most suitable for practicing yoga.

A mat adapted to the practice of yoga

THE yoga mat is another must-have for beginners. Depending on the type of mat chosen, they can make yoga practice much more enjoyable. For example, a yogi who has often slippery hands or feet can choose a non-slip mat.

However, some mats are more suitable for one type of yoga than others. It will therefore be necessary to take this factor into consideration when choosing your carpet. Likewise, carpet thickness is quite important, because it induces important variations on the level of the experience and the feeling of the yogi.

Get started with yoga

A “protected space” to practice

The place where a yoga session takes place participates fully in the success (or failure) of the latter. It is therefore preferable to set up a special corner, a protected space at home to calmly carry out your training.

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Your yoga space must meet the following conditions in particular:

  • Be calm to facilitate concentration;
  • Be airy and well lit;
  • Have a clean and even floor to avoid slips, falls and other accidents;
  • Be spacious enough to allow for various movements and stretches.

Once this space has been set up, you can decorate it as you wish (with plants for example) to make it a refuge where you can disconnect from the world and forget your worries. However, be careful not to encroach on the workspace.

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Audiovisual equipment to watch your lessons

Finally, to be able to do your yoga exercises at home, you will need material to view the lessons. Your smartphone, a tablet or even better a connected television will be very useful for this purpose.

In addition, if you opt for online videos or for applications, a quality internet connection will simply be essential. Finally, if you live in a noisy area, wireless noise-canceling headphones are an interesting option to isolate yourself and be able to work peacefully.

How to make rapid progress on the path of the yogi?

To become a confirmed yogi, it is not enough to have the right equipment. Indeed, yoga is not a simple sporting activity. It’s a true lifestyle and the initiation goes further than an episodic practice all alone in your living room.

You should assimilate the philosophy of yoga, which involves, among other things, learning the 8 principles of yoga and above all being kind to yourself. You can also meditate from time to time and explore the rich literature around yoga to try to achieve enlightenment.

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On the physical level, to progress, it is necessary to train regularly several times a week. However, it is important to listen to your body and above all not to force yourself to avoid injury.

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