Natural Treatments for Shoulder Tendonitis

Are you feeling shoulder pain? Maybe the inflammation is due to tendonitis. Frequent in young active women, this disease is not serious. However, the pathology can prove to be disabling on a daily basis to carry out everyday actions. Fortunately, there are natural solutions to soothe the pain associated with inflammation. Also discover all the grandmother’s remedies and natural treatments to speed up the healing of shoulder tendonitis.

Shoulder tendonitis: What is that ?

Shoulder tendonitis is a disease affecting the tendons. It affects the rotator cuff. It is what unites the four tendons (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis and long biceps). These tendons contribute to the rotational and elevational movements of the shoulder.

The duration of shoulder tendonitis varies depending on the patient. But generally, it takes several months to find a normal joint.

The causes

The origin of tendinitis of the shoulder comes from too much stress on the tendons which cover the shoulder joint and link the muscle to the bone. Tendonitis can be caused by unusual gestures (practicing a new sport, for example) or repetitive movements at the level of the shoulder (eg: painting work at height, professional gestures, etc.). Shoulder tendonitis can also result from a fall without apparent gravity.

On the other hand, age is an aggravating factor. Indeed, the older we get, the less the tendons support the efforts. Note, however, that active women between the ages of 25 and 50 are the most affected by this disease. Among rheumatologists, it is the second reason for consultation after low back pain.


In the presence of tendonitis in the shoulder, the affected person feels pain. This appears with movement, and intensifies with effort and during the night. The gestures of daily life then become complicated to accomplish (putting on clothing, grabbing an object from a height, etc.).

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However, although disabling, tendonitis is not serious and disappears in a few weeks. It must be distinguished from osteoarthritis because it only very exceptionally causes rupture of the tendons.

On the other hand, in 30% of cases, the inflammation is accompanied by tendon calcification. This is due to a deposit of calcium on the surface of the tendons. And when it becomes impossible to move the arm, the doctors then speak of frozen shoulder. This blockage results from capsulitis. This is a retraction of the envelope covering the joint. The subjects who suffer from it can no longer perform the gestures of daily life.

Natural treatments for tendonitis in the shoulder

Rest the joint

If you suspect an activity is causing your tendonitis, put it on hold. It is important to put the joint at rest. However, be careful not to be still. Keep moving, limiting movements that cause pain.

Be careful, do not immobilize the shoulder in question with a sling or a splint. This would then risk becoming stiff.

The physio sessions

The objective of physiotherapy sessions is to mobilize, tone and stretch the joint through various gestures.

Trust a physical therapist and don’t do bad stretches on your own. For example, don’t put your hands behind your back. It would be bad for the joint.

Epsom salt

This natural treatment is indicated in case of tendinitis because it contains magnesium sulphate which helps to reduce pain. Pour Epsom salt (two cups) into the bath before soaking in it for about fifteen minutes. Be careful, the bath water must be lukewarm.

Olive oil

Olive oil has a soothing power against inflammation. Apply a little on your shoulder and massage gently, twice a day.


Sage leaves are known to relieve pain related to inflammation. Rub the sage leaves into the skin of your hand to crush them. Then boil them in a two-thirds cup of apple cider vinegar. Let simmer for about five minutes. Dip a piece of cotton in the mixture, wring it out and place it on the affected area for about ten minutes.

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You can also drink sage tea by mixing the dry leaves in water. Drink the infusion twice a day.

cider vinegar

This natural remedy has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Reduce pain related to your shoulder tendinitis by using this treatment.

Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar in half a cup of warm water. Then dip a washcloth into the solution. Wring it out and place it on the affected area for about twenty minutes.

The other natural solution is to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every day.

Essential oils

Several essential oils can reduce the inflammation of shoulder tendonitis and speed up healing. Among them, chamomile essential oil. Massage your joint carefully, ensuring that the product penetrates deep into the skin.

You can also use lavender essential oil, applied locally to the affected area, or peppermint essential oil.


The cold does not cure shoulder tendonitis, but reduces the pain. Apply the cold using a bag of frozen vegetables or a reusable pack to place in the freezer. Attention, never apply directly on the skin but place the ice cream in a clean cloth. Leave on for ten minutes. And remove immediately if the ice causes pain (burning). The operation can be repeated three to four times a day.

Green clay poultice

If shoulder tendonitis is accompanied by a feeling of warmth, swelling or redness, treat it with green clay. Note, however, that this natural solution is not particularly practical for this area of ​​the body.

Buy green clay paste in pharmacies or parapharmacies. And apply a thick layer on the shoulder. Then, cover with a cling film, without tightening too much. Keep the poultice for an hour, and repeat the operation for five days.

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Watch your diet

Finally, diet also has a role to play in preventing the risk of shoulder tendonitis. Preferably, cook home and eat mainly fresh and seasonal products, especially fruits and vegetables, fish and dried fruits. Be careful with processed products that are too fatty or too sweet. In the same way, consume dairy products in moderation which acidify the body.

On the drink side, prefer alkalizing waters, to be drunk alternately with tap water or spring water.

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