7 natural treatments for warts

Skin wart is one of the most common skin problems, especially in school-aged children. If this growth of the skin is most often benign, it can quickly turn into discomfort, especially when it comes to a plantar wart. So how do you get rid of these epidermal tumors? There are natural treatments and home remedies to get rid of warts. Discover all our tips to say goodbye to this skin infection without going to see a dermatologist.

What is a wart?

The skin wart can take on various aspects depending on its location on the body. It is a mild and not very contagious skin infection. However, some warts can pose a health hazard.

This epidermal tumor occurs following the presence of HPV papilloma virus located on the surface of the skin. It most commonly affects school children and young adults, and clears up about two years after onset.

Warts, also called viral papillomas, are lesions corresponding to growths of skin. We distinguish different types of warts depending on their appearance, their presence on the body and the type of virus responsible. Common, plantar, filiform, flat warts and venereal vegetations (“cockscomb”) are among the main ones.

How do we catch it?

The responsibility of the papillomavirus is well established in the occurrence of warts. On the other hand, the mechanisms of development of cutaneous warts are not yet well understood.

A genetic ground is evoked to explain the occurrence of the lesions. Stress can also play a role in causing this skin condition.

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On the other hand, transmission is favored by microtraumas to the hands and knees, by humidity, as well as by frequenting swimming pools and sports grounds (plantar warts).

Then, the incubation period varies from a few weeks to a few months. The transmission can take place directly or indirectly via an exchange of shoes, for example.

What are the natural treatments for warts?


This plant has an action solvent and antiviral. It can be used on all warts, regardless of their location.

Cedar is used in the form of mother tincture, and locally. Using a cotton swab, drop a drop of cedar tincture on the lesion. The operation can be performed twice in a day, until the wart disappears.

Please note, this natural remedy is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as in children under four years of age.

Essential oils

Essential oils are used for all types of warts. Use lemongrass essential oils that contain aldehydes such as citral. It is a main active ingredient with antiviral effect.

On the other hand, wintergreen essential oil also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

For a complete action, combine these two essential oils by applying two drops of each of them to the wart.

It should be noted that wintergreen should be avoided in pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 30 months of age in the event of a potential allergy to aspirin. On the other hand, the strong smell can be bothersome.


The cold is effective for plantar warts, feet and hands. In fact, the intense cold will burn the wart and cause it to disappear.

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Use pressurized aerosol cans purchased at pharmacies. Thanks to a tip on the wart, you will apply a mixing at -50°, for a few seconds. The gesture can be repeated two weeks later if the lesion has not completely disappeared.

Namely, pain may appear in the following hours. Finally, there are several contraindications. This method should not be used in pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as in children under 4 years old. People with warts on moles or suffering from diabetes, or circulatory disorders will also avoid this remedy.

The tape

To overcome a skin tumor, take a piece of plaster and wrap it around the wart to suffocate it. The plaster will be left on the skin for an entire week. The wart will eventually peel away from the skin and fall off. The operation can be repeated as much as possible until the disappearance of the growth.

This rather surprising technique deserves to be tried before resorting to drug treatments.

celandine, a plant against warts

His name surely means nothing to you. And yet, this plant that grows in the wild is known to fight against warts. In fact, it is nicknamed « wart grass ».

Break a stem in half to reveal its orange juice. Apply it cool on the lesion as many times as possible until the wart is completely eliminated. Be careful never to ingest celandine due to its toxicity. On the other hand, you can apply celandine compresses directly to the growths.

Know that dandelion juice is also effective against warts.


Garlic can be used in small doses to combat a plantar wart. Apply a paste of chopped or crushed raw garlic to your tumor. Note, it is possible to add a little oil. Then cover with an adhesive bandage and leave on overnight. The next morning, rinse thoroughly and clean your wart using a mild soap. During the day, reapply an adhesive bandage to cover the wart.

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The operation is renewable until the lesion is completely detached.

cider vinegar

It is one of the most effective natural remedies for warts. Dip a piece of cotton in the cider vinegar. Then, apply it to the wart before covering it with an adhesive bandage. The method can be repeated twice a day.

Should warts be scraped off?

Generally, never attack your warts. If you scratch at a growth, it will bleed and you risk infection, especially if it is hard.

In case of recalcitrant wart to all natural remedies, consult a dermatologist. On the other hand, if you have lesions on the genitals, consult directly to rule out any risk of cancer.

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