Onesie for incontinence: understand well to choose the right one

How to choose the right incontinence sleepsuit: the practical guide

Ideal accessory for people suffering from incontinence, the medical onesie provides an effective response to a troublesome problem that affects individuals of different age categories and of both sexes. In order to respond specifically to all the needs as well as to the various requirements of their users, it is now available in a very wide range of models with various characteristics. So that you don’t get lost and make the choice of the most suitable incontinence onesie, we offer you here a little practical guide.

The medical onesie, Who is it for ?

Before embarking on the process of selecting a medical onesie, it is important to understand the usefulness of this type of garment to ensure that it actually meets the needs of the person for whom it is intended. The incontinence sleepsuit is intended for people with incontinence, especially those who tend to remove or tear off their protections.

Incontinence sleepsuits available at are therefore aimed at different profiles of incontinent people prone to tearing:

  • Alzheimer’s patients;
  • People with senility;
  • Parkinson’s patients;
  • Children or adolescents suffering from bedwetting or similar pathologies.

For the wearer, they facilitate the maintenance of urinary protection and allow spend days and nights in complete serenity. For the person responsible for the follow-up and care of the incontinence, it is also a practical and simple solution.

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Onesies for all ages

Although it is in great demand in geriatrics for the elderly, the medical onesie is also very useful in cases of incontinence in young adults, children and teenagers. Depending on the user they are intended for, be sure to choose a model that is the right size and style.

Regarding the size, it is important to specify that in addition to the standard sizes offered, it is also possible to order a tailor-made onesie for maximum comfort.

For men and women

Incontinence sleepsuits are clothing in their own right. Thus, there are mixed models, but also models for men and others for women. The first ones are designed taking into account the male anatomy for optimal comfort of the wearer. A wide choice is available, with models in one or two pieces (pants-polo, pants-shirt or pajamas) according to preferences.

For women, the choice offered is also very diverse with cuts adapted to the desires, preferences and desires of each. Thanks to the different patterns and colors available, the onesie can thus become an integral part of the wardrobe.

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Rather for the day or for the night?

When to be used at night, the incontinence onesie is worn like pajamas and therefore does not require an extra layer. On the other hand, if it must be used as protection during the day, the ideal is to opt for a more discreet and thin model that can be worn under clothing.

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A onesie for every season

To ensure maximum comfort for the wearer, it is also important to consider the climate when choosing an incontinence sleepsuit. For summer, opt for lightweight models with short legs and sleeves in order to limit sweating and the discomfort that this could cause. In the cold season, on the other hand, a winter onesie with long sleeves and legs, even feet, is more adequate, especially for the night.

A solution adapted to your budget

As with any purchase, the price is often a determining factor in the choice of an incontinence onesie. This can be impacted by several parameters, the main ones being:


As is the case with most clothing, size is one of the main parameters that affects the price of a sleeper. Thus, an XXL sleeper will logically cost more than a child sleeper of the same type. Likewise, a tailor-made model will naturally be more expensive than those offered in standard sizes.

The cup

The price of a onesie also varies depending on the cut of the one. Models with long sleeves and long legs are therefore generally more expensive than those with short sleeves and short legs. As for the models with feet, they are overall the most expensive of the lot. However, they offer a much appreciated comfort, especially by the youngest in winter.

But regardless of these different criteria, incontinence prevention onesies are generally accessible to all budgets, with models starting at a little over 30 €. Note that they are washable and reusable at will, and therefore represent a sustainable investment.

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Now you have all the information you need to choose the incontinence sleepsuit best suited to you, or to those of your relative or loved one.

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