Brest, tourism professionals are snapping up this ocean land…

Heading West: destination Brest! At the very end of Finistère, this port with a military tradition is worth a detour. Under its apparent rigor, Brest does not lack assets to seduce tourists. Accessible and lively, the City of Ponant pleases as much for its maritime facade as for its varied leisure activities. L’Brest metropolis Tourist Office noted very satisfactory results regarding the influx of visitors to the city during the 2017 summer season.

Easy access for tourists

Wherever you are on the national territory, it is possible to reach Brest with ease by road, train or plane. The motorway network is convenient and rapid transport is increasingly popular with travellers. The new High Speed ​​Linethe LGVhas considerably reduced the travel time from one Paris Brest : Barely 3h25!

The traditional TGV remains competitive in terms of time savings. Departing from Paris-Montparnasse, tourists and other visitors arrive in Brest in 4h20. Regarding the arrival by plane, it is possible from many airports. Departing from Paris, Lille, Lyon or further south, Marseille, Toulon and Ajaccio, there are many flights and the route is more direct!

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An enchanting maritime city

Bordered by its famous and magnificent harbor of 150 km2, Brest is certainly turned towards the sea. This large natural basin which welcomes large ships is very indented and is hollowed out in two abers: to the North, that of the Elorn and to the South, that of Alder.

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To celebrate its oceanic identity, Brest organizes a summer event every four years. Boats converge from around twenty countries to the port of Brest for Maritime Festivals from the city.

The islands, from Brest

For an excursion on the westernmost land of France, embark in Brest towards Ouessant. This rocky land of 15 km2 is accessible all year round. The ticket office is open to the shipping company Penn Ar Bed or at theBrest Tourist Office at 8 avenue Georges Clemenceau.

Molène, in the Iroise Sea, is an island that is even smaller (0.75 km2) but just as charming. Finally, the island of Sein is only accessible in summer, always with the same company.

A city of cultural tourism

The post-war concrete architecture that characterizes Brest is the setting for cultural activities and entertainment popular with tourists. For a visit that emphasizes architecture and art history, theSaint-Sauveur de la Recouvrance church is a wise choice.

This is the oldest parish church in Brest: it dates from 1750. The navy, emblematic symbol of the city, has a dedicated museum in the castle with models, paintings and sculptures dedicated to this theme.

Walks and entertainment

Brest is not just a mineral city. It also houses the Vallon du Stang-Alar. This space is a veritable open-air green museum, ideal for relaxing while on holiday in Brest. This botanical conservatory extends over 22 hectares where, among other things, splendid magnolias and camellias rub shoulders.

Music lovers come from afar to take advantage of the Brest offer in this area. Internationally renowned, the festival Astropolis attracts tourists who love electro music to Brest. During these three days of annual celebration, the concerts follow one another. In another style, this is also the case whenAtlantic Jazz Festival.

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