Reimbursement of dental care: what you need to know

Dental care is reputed in France to be generally poorly reimbursed by Social Security. This is why a large part of the French opt for complementary health insurance. In order to avoid having to pay large sums, it is recommended to take out dental insurance. There are solutions that allow you to find the most suitable dental insurance for you.

How to find the best health insurance for your dental care?

To choose the best dental mutual, it is necessary to take into account several factors. You must first take stock of your personal situation and then consider your needs. Depending on your profile, you will know the type of care that suits you best. Also be very attentive to the conditions of compensation. As can be seen on the mutual insurance comparator sites, the reimbursement of dental costs by his health insurance varies according to different cases. Among them, we find in particular the fitting of crowns, prostheses or implants. Most dental mutuals cover basic conservative care.

Some mutuals offer better guarantees with very interesting annual contributions. To subscribe to the health insurance best suited to your needs, you can compare the different offers available. To do this, you can, by precisely indicating your needs, find comparators online that can help you choose the best dental insurance. In order to assess the possibilities available to you, you can also consult the ranking of the best dental mutuals online.

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The comparator makes it possible to find a mutual insurance company that offers a high reimbursement rate. For the reimbursement of care to be adapted to your income, choose a high level of guarantee for a high coverage rate. The online comparison tool allows you to find good guarantees while taking into account the people you want to insure. If it is your child, for example, you can find an individual mutual insurance company which offers relatively low guarantees. The choice will however be directed towards a family contract which will take into account your couple if it is about you and your spouse.

The different types of reimbursement for dental care

Mutual health insurance companies generally offer their policyholders several types of reimbursement.

Reimbursement for orthodontics

Orthodontic operations are covered by health insurance depending on the age of the person concerned. If the person is aged under 16, she can get a refund. The treatments are nevertheless considered to be of an aesthetic nature and are therefore no longer covered if you are over 16 years old. In this case, to benefit from the reimbursement of orthodontics, you will need an authorization from Social Security. However, there are mutuals that offer an annual flat rate in euros and allow reimbursement, regardless of your age.

reimbursement of dental expenses

Reimbursement for dental care

Convention rates for dental care are mostly respected. Opting for a guarantee between 100 and 150% will then be sufficient to cover the costs. The tooth extraction operations cost about a hundred euros for a reimbursement of 23.40 € from the Health Insurance. For this, it is advisable to opt for a minimum guarantee of 200% if you plan several tooth extractions.

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Reimbursement of dental prostheses

Unlike conservative dental care, the prices of dental appliances and prostheses are often set by dental surgeons. These prices greatly exceed the conventional rates recognized by Social Security. Reimbursement by Social Security therefore does not adequately cover this operation. To anticipate expenses, first ask for a quote to your dentist to compare them with others. Some professionals offer less expensive solutions than others.

What if you have a dental emergency and need reimbursement?

In the event of a dental emergency, you can contact your referring dentist. If the latter is not available, you can try to get an appointment with another practitioner. If you cannot find a dentist, a on-call dental service always remains available in each department. The dental emergency benefits from the same reimbursement as a conventional operation. Health Insurance is responsible for reimbursing your consultation with the dentist up to 70% of the conventional rate.

In mainland France, the consultation is set at €23. The price of a consultation is €25.15 per night. This rate may also vary depending on the dental care provided by the dentist. It is advisable to take out complementary health insurance to avoid excessive costs. After reimbursement from Health Insurance, your mutual insurance company can cover all or part of your remaining costs.


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