How to decorate your garden to make it pleasant?

Do you spend time in your garden and want to decorate it to make it more enjoyable? Here’s how!

Are you lucky enough to own a green space? A garden is a way to escape and have a good time. But for it to be a haven of peace, it is necessary to develop the land with taste. Discover all our trendy ideas and tips to learn how to decorate your garden. Essential steps, zone creation, choice of lighting, DIY… Everything you need to know about how to decorate your garden to make it pleasant!

The essential steps before decorating your garden

Before attacking the decoration of your garden, you must:

  • Prepare your space by drawing plans. Plan areas to compartmentalize the surface (vegetable garden, playground for children, etc.). It is necessary to organize the space as much as possible in order to avoid any disappointment;
  • keep in mind that the garden must remain convivial. For this, it is better to avoid accumulating plants, flowers, decorative objects, etc. The place must breathe and fulfill its function;
  • thinking that the garden is like a room in the house that needs careful decoration. Do not consider the place as a simple place of passage.

Tips and tricks for designing your garden

Before really moving on to the decoration stage, you need to arrange your garden. The challenge then is to create a pleasant landscape.

First, take care of the lawn. The lawn must be mowed. And to be perfect, it is necessary to water it sufficiently.

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Then trim hedges, bushes, trees, shrubs. All plants must pass through your hands.

Then, clean the water points if your garden has them. It can be a pond or a fountain, for example.

And before decorating your garden, you also have to do a big spring cleaning. It is therefore necessary to eliminate all that is not necessary. Remove old objects or those that are damaged (eg: worn planter, broken garden chair, etc.).

Finally, you can start thinking about your future garden: style, material, plants, flowers…

How to decorate your garden with taste?

Once the ground is prepared, it’s time to move on to decorating the garden. First of all, you have to take care of the plants as well as the flowers. To do this, organize a vegetable patch in the garden.

To delimit the spaces, you can use trendy or colorful flower pots, a flower path or a plant hedge, for example. If you have a water point such as a pond, mark the space with pebbles.

On the practical side, also think about the lighting. It must be functional and aesthetic. There are several possibilities depending on the area of ​​the land: floor lamp, garland, wall lamp, recessed spotlight… Depending on the style of garden you want, select the most suitable lighting.

Finally, if the surface allows it, install a wooden hut or a metal shelter at the bottom of the garden. This storage space allows you to put your garden tools and flowers that suffer from frost in winter.

Advice : if you do not have enough space in your garden to install a cabin or a shelter, choose more modest storage. Thus, there are garden chests, very practical for storing your cushions or children’s toys. The other solution is also to invest in a garden cabinet to house bicycles or a lawnmower, for example.

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Arrange and decorate a patio area

Having a terrace is a strong asset. It is a real living space. Separated from the rest of the land, it represents an open door to the garden. However, for the terrace area to be conducive to leisure (barbecue, aperitif with friends, etc.), it is necessary to make it welcoming and cosy.

First, think about the style you want your patio to have. Depending, opt for a pergola, a green wall… There are many decorative ideas that exist to create a real living space.

Then, choose a garden furniture adapted to your desires. Bench with comfortable cushions, coffee table, rattan armchair, deck chair, hanging chair, hammock, garden furniture made with pallets… Create a real atmosphere by also playing with the lights to illuminate the area.

And to bring a trendy touch to the place, add some decorative accessories such as lanterns, a rug, cushions, a plaid for the coolness of summer nights…

Advice : if you have to build a terrace, consider doing it yourself by installing wood or composite boards or slabs. It is relatively easy to set up.

Create and arrange a relaxation area in your garden for yourself and the children

Who has never dreamed of a relaxing space in their garden? In the shade of the trees, relax with a book or take a siesta. For this you will simply need a deck chair, a hanging chair or a hammock.

And to create a real Zen space, add a few decorative objects. Thus, it is easy to decorate your garden by adding a statue, a lantern, a wooden chime or even a birdhouse. But be careful not to clutter the space, in which case the place would lose its charm.

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On the other hand, water points are an effective source for relaxation. Think decorative and soothing elements like fountains, waterfalls or water basins. Choose the location carefully so that it is neither too sunny nor too shady. And to admire the landscape, install a bench near the water point.

Finally, if you have children, consider setting up a playground for them in the garden with a swing, slide, sandbox, small swimming pool, teepee or wooden cabin.

How to decorate your garden with DIY ideas?

In case of tight budget to arrange and decorate your garden, it is possible to do it yourself. For that, you don’t need to be a DIY ace. Some garden accessories and furniture can be crafted. Indeed, it is not always necessary to run the garden centers to have a maintained and stylish garden.

Here are some decorative ideas to beautify your green spaces thanks to recovery:

  • make your own hanging chair in your garden;
  • build a wooden birdhouse;
  • dress your flower pots with kraft paper;
  • create a Japanese fence such as a bamboo palisade;
  • tinker with a recycled bench made from pallets for a Zen garden;
  • use cement tiles to make a potting bench;
  • make a diy green wall;
  • make a solar lamp yourself;
  • create a homemade hook to hang gardening tools;
  • using old terracotta pots to make planters;
  • making bamboo support baskets;
  • divert rubber boots to make planters;
  • turn sieves into shelves;
  • use straw bales as a bench;
  • decorate pebbles to make the pond look nice;
  • create a border with terracotta pots;
  • make a pallet wood scarecrow;
  • create a wooden compost bin;
  • make garden furniture with painted bricks…

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