10 ideas for a successful wall decoration

You are a little tired of your white walls. It is true that they are the central element of a room. By dressing them a certain way, you give them another personality. There are plenty of tips to give your walls new life.

The wallpaper

Wallpaper is once again on the rise. Plant or geometric patterns can be the best effect. Some give the impression that the room is clad in wood paneling.

Other wallpapers create an effect of depth or offer trompe-l’oeil patterns. Nothing prevents you from using the wallpaper on a limited surface, to cover a door or to create a headboard at little cost.

The painting

This is a classic and inexpensive way to spruce up your walls. You can choose different colors for each section of wall.

It is not always necessary to paint the entire surface of the wall. Why not paint, for example, geometric shapes on the wall but also on the door of the room?

And, in the kitchen, slate paint will transform a section of wall into an original reminder.


Photo Wall Decor

And why not turn your favorite photos into paintings that will embellish your walls? With Wanapix, nothing is simpler.

All you have to do is choose a canvas and have your favorite shots printed on it. But you can also insert drawings by your children. And accompany it all with short texts.

In this way, you are sure that the paintings that adorn your walls belong only to you and cannot be found anywhere.

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Green plants

Usually, the place of your green plants is on the ground. How about hanging them on the wall? A wall lined with greenery is certainly a successful creation.

But how to do it ? You can install them on shelves or a bamboo ladder. Placed in nets, they are hung on nails. You can still fix your plants on pallets installed on the wall.

Walls like no other

There is no shortage of ingenious solutions to give an original touch to your walls. Why not sprinkle them with colorful geometric stickers?

But you can also decorate them with these small embroidered handkerchiefs which are now becoming collector’s items. And how about hanging mirrors on the wall, assembled to form a pattern?

If these mirrors are copper, they will give even more shine to the wall.

A cork wall

Cork is becoming very trendy. Applied to a wall, it immediately creates a warm atmosphere in the room. Painted or wallpapered, the other walls always harmonize with the cork.

The very nature of cork will make it an ideal decorative panel. You can easily attach photos, drawings, posters and anything else that allows you to make this cork wall panel a personalized decorative space.

Think hangers

To decorate your walls, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Sometimes it is enough to use objects outside of their usual use.

This is the case with clip hangers. They are not going to hold pants or a skirt, but posters and posters. Spread over a section of wall, they will have the best effect.

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The plates

Porcelain plates often lined the walls of dining rooms. This wall decoration is making a comeback.

If you find earthenware or porcelain a bit old-fashioned, you can choose colorful plates, with fun and playful patterns. And do not hesitate to bring them closer, so as to cover an entire section of the wall.

You can also give these groups of plates any shape you want, and place them above your bed or desk.

the pegboard, you know ?

peg board

The pegboard’s usual place is in a workshop. These are the perforated boards on which the tools are placed.

But nothing prevents you from installing one on your wall. It immediately gives a somewhat rustic charm to the room.

And then the pegboard is very practical. You can attach small shelves to it, which will support photos or green plants. Also hang pencil cases or small baskets.

The shelves

This is a fairly classic decoration idea, but which does not exclude originality. Shelves come in all styles; it’s up to you to find the one that suits you best.

Arrange them in ascending order, the smallest at the top of the wall, and the largest at the bottom. One can receive small pots of green plants, the other books or frames. Or mix on the shelf all these decorative elements.

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