Does Fortuneo support business accounts?

Business accounts are often the sinews of war to definitely choose the bank account you want to have. The offers for professionals are not numerous on the market, which is a real problem. We would have liked a more present offer with competition to offer choice to people who are in this need.

Currently, there are a few online banks like Qonto, Shine or even that allow you to have an interesting and innovative bank account, where everything is done online. But this is not the case for everyone. These banks only cater to businesses. It is not possible to take advantage of this to store personal accounts there, as can be done with a traditional bank.

Offers intended for professionals may exist in some online banks. Is this the case for Fortuneo? This is what we will see, without further ado, in this article.

An offer for professionals absent from Fortuneo, but…

As of this writing, no business offers are available from Fortuneo. It’s very unfortunate.

Fortuneo is a neobank that has good feedback with very positive opinions about it. Unfortunately, it does not allow the opening of this type of account.

The subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel would have made several promises to certain customers, that the offer would be being studied. We did not have direct confirmation of this when we questioned them.

Before setting up such a system, several aspects will have to be studied, such as payment terminals, access for the accountant, the possibility of taking out bank loans to finance some advances, or even having a interface worthy of the name : simple, intuitive and effective for the professional. The latter wants to go to the essential. He doesn’t want the customer area to be complex to manage. In addition, some professional categories will work with cash or checks. It is not an obvious step to allow the deposit of cash, when for individuals with a private Fortuneo account, this service is unavailable… For check deposit, it is possible… but doing it with each check can come back expensive (remember that it is possible to collect this payment method by post).

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However, not all professionals have the same requirements or the same expectations. This is the case with the autoentrepreneurs. They are not required to have a qualified bank account as being professionals. He must be dissociated from his personal account to manage all his accounting more easily. Fortunately, opening a classic current account as for personal use at Fortuneo is possible. It costs less and the needs can be enough for them.

The individual account of Fortuneo can respond to certain trades that are under the status of microenterprise. We think of all the trades whose payments are made by bank transfer or credit card. If cash generation and management is a must, Fortuneo is definitely not the right bank for this type of business.

Thanks to professional securities accounts, companies with a specific status or associations can open an account with Fortuneo.

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