How to decorate your terrace with plants?

If you are lucky enough to have a terrace, it would be a shame not to enjoy it all year round. Indeed, it is often an oasis. After work or a stressful day, the terrace remains the perfect place to relax and unwind. It can also be a perfect place to isolate yourself with a book, or on the contrary, have a drink with friends.

But for your balcony or terrace to be warm and welcoming, it is necessary to furnish it with taste. For this, the choice of plants and containers is crucial. How to decorate your terrace with plants (shrubs, flowers, tree…)? Depending on the style of your mini garden, discover all our decorative tips and tricks.

Which plants to choose to decorate your terrace?

Whether you want to create a small garden with aromatic plants or to flower your terrace, it is essential to select the varieties carefully. For this, it is necessary to take into account the exposure to the sun. But also the style of terrace you want (exotic, rustic, etc.).

The choice of shrubs

So, when it comes to shrubs, you can opt for the Pittosporum, for example. It is an evergreen shrub that displays very fragrant white flowers in spring. This plant will elegantly adorn a rustic terrace, just like Rhamnus Alaternus, Photinia or Phyllyrea. These shrubs are both hardy and colorful.

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On the other hand, for a terrace with an exotic spirit, it is preferable to move towards other shrubs such as the Chinese Palm, Phormium or New Zealand Flax. Without forgetting the bamboos grown in tubs which make it possible to break the view while bringing a touch of exoticism.

Flowers for a patio

There are many species of patio flowers. Your choice must therefore be based on several criteria.

For a sunny exposure, turn instead to geraniums, carnations or miniature roses. And for an exotic note, decorate your terrace with periwinkles from Madagascar, for example. These are white or pink flowers with a dark red center.

More common, also think of hibiscus, tulips, narcissus or petunias. These plants grow very well on a terrace.

What to plant on a sunny terrace?

If you are lucky enough to benefit from a south-facing terrace where the sunshine is optimal, it is imperative to choose plants that withstand temperature increases.

Many plants such as oleander or oleander flowers, orange trees or grapefruit trees thrive happily on a sunny terrace. But be careful not to forget to bring them in during the first frosts.

A terrace tree to decorate

To enjoy your terrace in the middle of summer, there’s nothing like a tree to provide shade. Terrace trees are also numerous, but certain species are preferred because they require little maintenance. You can therefore opt for linden or catalpa boule.

If you want to eat fruit directly from the tree in the style of an orchard, turn to the dwarf apple tree, the dwarf apricot tree or the lemon tree. Not to mention the Japanese loquat whose fruits are edible.

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Decorate your terrace with plants: the choice of pots and trays

Materials (terracotta, wood, metal, etc.)

The choice of containers is just as important as that of plants in terms of terrace decoration. Indeed, to create a harmonious and welcoming corner, it is fashionable to choose aesthetic pots and containers.

Traditional gardeners will opt for terracotta. This material is timeless and will easily find its place on a modern terrace, in all seasons. However, terracotta pots are expensive to buy. And they are also quite heavy. If you have back problems, think twice if you need to move your plants.

In garden centers, you will find many possibilities in terms of pots: wood, metal, concrete, polyester resin… Choose the material that will harmonize perfectly with the style of your terrace.

And always with a view to sparing your physique, know that there are standing planters. This facilitates the work when it is necessary to partially renew the substrate each year, or to repot in a larger pot.

The colors

Finally, on the color side, you are also spoiled for choice. In shaded areas, it may be wise to select pots and containers in flashy tones to illuminate the place.

And if you want to create a small garden with a Mediterranean spirit, don’t be afraid of colors.

Create an urban jungle atmosphere on your terrace

To decorate your terrace with plants, you can think big. If you need greenery and vegetation to take a breath of fresh air after work, consider the atmosphere urban jungle.

This tendency can be expressed with various installations. The key element, however, remains the green wall. On a small terrace or balcony, this represents an optimal solution. Then arrange lush plants vertically to give the impression of evolving in a tropical forest.

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And always in the same perspective, also think about decorating your terrace with exotic plants. The cactus, for example, is very trendy and helps to create a unique atmosphere. There are also other varieties like the Monstera which are easy to care for. It is ideal if you have little time to devote to the maintenance of your terrace.

What plantations for a Zen-inspired terrace?

And if you want to create a small Zen-inspired garden, you have to choose plants that are easy to maintain. Thus, cacti and succulents are a wise choice.

Conversely, budding gardeners or those with a green thumb will turn more to varieties such as wisteria. This plant likes to be pampered. And bamboos, meanwhile, remain a safe bet to ensure a zen and relaxing atmosphere.

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