How to decorate a Christmas tree?

Want to decorate your Christmas tree but don’t know how? Here are our decoration tips to achieve this.

Natural or artificial, the tree remains the central element of a Christmas atmosphere. It is therefore unthinkable to miss its decoration. It is not enough to place a few balls and garlands on its branches to embellish it. Decorating a Christmas tree takes minimal effort. After choosing the theme or color of your tree, apply our tips and tricks to decorate it with taste. Your New Year’s Eve guests will be seduced!

Choose your Christmas decoration: theme, color

Before you start decorating your Christmas tree, take stock of what you have in store. Do you want the same tree as last year or do you want a new decoration to innovate?

Nothing prevents you from recovering some decorations in the box stored in the cellar or the attic. And then, to go and buy new ones to decorate your tree and give it allure.

Still, it is advisable to find a theme, a common thread or at least a dominant color in order to best personalize your Christmas tree. Generally, the colors blue and red are popular. You can very well harmonize these colors with gold or even shiny black to bring a touch of elegance.

And if you’re a little lost in the store while doing your Christmas shopping, here are some key pointers.

To decorate a so-called classic tree (about 1.80 m high), plan:

  • three twinkling garlands or twice as many if there is no electric garland;
  • an electric garland of about 10 meters (optional);
  • about forty Christmas balls;
  • about twenty suspensions;
  • and to please you, some favorite accessories such as bows or battery-operated candles;
  • without forgetting the crest!

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Should I put an electric garland? And if yes, How? ‘Or’ What ?

Garlands are there to dress up the tree. And in the decoration department, the electric garland remains the favorite element of children. But it is not an obligation to put one.

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If you choose to light up your tree with this accessory, install it first, even before the balls. For amateurs, the installation of the electric garland requires a little dexterity. But after a few years of training, the installation of the decoration will no longer be a problem.

The trick is then to wrap the wire of the garland around the hand starting from the end of the suspension, on the side of the socket. Then arrange the garland evenly around the tree from top to bottom, in a pyramidal fashion.

Thanks to this technique worthy of the greatest Christmas tree decorators, you will have a taut and harmonious thread! On the other hand, take care to arrange the light garland at mid-length of the branches in order to hide the cable.

Advice : choose a light garland with small lights instead, which will better structure your tree. It will also gain in elegance, especially if you opt for white bulbs.

How to arrange the balls in the tree?

Before putting the decorative garlands in your tree, you must install the balls. But beware, not just anyhow! It is important to respect an order so that your Christmas tree is harmonious.

Instead, start by decorating the bottom of the tree, taking care to insert the balls according to their color. For example, alternate red, blue and gold balls. Do not put decorations with similar colors next to each other. And respect one of the fundamental rules in decoration: never more than three different colors!

In the same way, start first with the large balls. When you arrange them in the tree, be careful not to create a straight line. Stagger the pendant lights so they appear to be in motion. The objective is then to make the tree as alive as possible.

Tip: if you choose to decorate the tree as a family, let your children decorate the bottom while you do the top. But in any case, keep an eye on what they are doing to keep the whole thing harmonious. And above all, fill in the gaps. The decoration of the tree must remain well balanced. We must not feel the hand of several decorators.

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Garlands in the tree: how to put them?

Whether you have chosen to put an electric garland or not, the simple decorative garlands are essential to decorate a tree as it should.

Install the non-light garlands by installing them on the end of the branches. For the decoration to be successful, do not accumulate. Prefer a few models so as not to hide the branches of the tree. And color side, also do in sobriety. Avoid smearing as much as possible!

Advice : as for the balls, play with the movement avoiding to create straight lines. Garlands should not be stretched over the branch but play with it.

Decorate the top and bottom of the tree

To decorate a tree in the rules of the art, we must not forget the star. Arrange it at the top of the tree.

But be aware that when it comes to crests, there are other possibilities. Besides the traditional star, you can have other decorative elements such as an angel playing the trumpet or a Santa Claus. But always favor light Christmas decorations so as not to make your conifer unsightly.

As for the foot of the tree, many possibilities are available to you. Traditionally, Christmas party aficionados have a nativity scene. But you can opt for the foot in log or hard plastic, to cover with a fabric or colored paper. You will find all kinds in decoration and DIY stores.

One last tip : to place your star or other crest at the top of your tree, use a stepladder or a step. It is better to be careful than to overturn your tree, which would force you to start all over again!

Make the fun of garlands last all year round!

Do you like the Christmas atmosphere and twinkling lights? Why not extend the moment by installing a light garland in your interior?

The guinguette garland is THE most fashionable decoration this year!

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In an instant they generate a festive atmosphere while embellishing your interior, a terrace or your garden in summer. Indeed, garlands of light bulbs are a decoration and a furnishing accessory, two accessories in one!

You are probably wondering how to arrange a light garland without it being too kitsch?

By opting for a guinguette light garland, you will easily manage to bring an authentic spirit of yesteryear directly into your home! This is inspired by the old filament or incandescent bulbs of yesteryear.

And what a surprise this nostalgic note for your guests when they look up above the table!… There are various heights, with vintage bulbs to break the monotony and bring movement to the decoration of your terrace .

Very easy to install, these garlands of light and vintage bulbs will give a precious and retro touch to your summer evenings. They pleasantly manage to decorate your evenings, and create a cozy and soft atmosphere with bucolic charm.

With plain or colored bulbs, the guinguette garlands invite you to relax under a very fine light that will directly brighten up the setting up of your furniture and the small decorative details that are sometimes not very visible.

During your various installations with guinguette-style light bulb garlands

make sure that the cable between each bulb is not too tight.

Then, you can choose between a layout in a right angle (classic), in a slightly plunging curve, or in a zig zag W above a table or a path adorned with flower beds for even more romanticism.

For an even more original decorative side, it is possible to install your guinguette garland as if stalactites were hanging down below a garden arbor. This natural and unstructured version will offer a guaranteed poetic aspect!

Finally, for even more magic, remember to calculate the perimeter to be covered with your guinguette garlands. The layout is what will do everything! It must be pleasing to the eye and is also very useful if you want to delimit spaces. It must be said that the lanterns of a vintage garland end up perfecting the decor and give shape to a terrace by embellishing it with these little touches of light.

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