Building your house in Haute Savoie

Do you want to change your life and enjoy welcoming nature? Build your house in Haute Savoie! The air is clean, life is really pleasant and there are a lot of activities for the whole family. There are a number of opportunities to build your new home in this region. It’s now or never to get started before the land is all sold. Here is some information that will help you carry out your construction project in the best possible conditions.

Why build your house in Haute Savoie?

Making the choice to build your home is up to you guarantee personalized accommodation that will fully meet your desires and constraints. The plans are adaptable and it is possible to arrange the rooms as you wish, unlike an old house. Choose the materials and define the technical details in order to to get the house you dream of ! This is why looking for a house builder in Haute Savoie will allow you to realize your life project.

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Estimate the budget for your home

It’s not always obvious how much it will cost to build your home. Estimate the price of your future new home with a simulator. By answering a few questions about the style of your construction, whether you want a floor or not, the surface or the materials, you will be able to estimate the amount needed to complete your construction.

Building is less expensive than renovating

Even if the project seems scary for novices, building a house in Haute Savoie is often a better calculation than buying old. A well-crafted new construction project is a long-term calculation. The purchase of an old home is often less expensive at the time of signing, but to this purchase must be added the work which will occur quickly and which can be substantial. Then, an old building is often energy-intensive: you therefore risk spending a lot more money on energy bills with an old house. In addition, the old house sometimes hides very bad surprises which can require very expensive rehabilitation work.

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Benefit from recent standards and innovative materials

All new construction must comply with current standards. Much more demanding than before, these standards guarantee you excellent thermal and sound insulation.

Thermal regulation RT2012

Faced with the lack of efficiency of the insulation of many homes, France has established the thermal regulation RT2012. To fight against high heat loss and overconsumption of energy, the Grenelle de l’Environnement decided to define standards: energy consumption is reduced by the use of much more efficient techniques and insulating materials. This RT2012 standard has been in effect since January 1, 2013, it concerns new houses and collective housing. It also provides better insulation. phonic at your accommodation.

The BBC Standard

This Low Energy Building standard brings together all the requirements for the construction of new buildings. It acts on thermal insulation, but also takes into account good ventilation, optimal exposure to the sun or good sealing of the building. This is an essential and mandatory standard for all new homes. It also invites you to choose the most efficient and least consuming heating system.

The guarantees of a new construction

The new house is linked to many guarantees provided by the builders’ insurance. In the old, you buy a good as it is. Even if there are defects in your home, you are solely responsible for repairing them.

On the other hand, new construction is accompanied by numerous contracts and insurances which guarantee you:

  • delivery on the scheduled date
  • the precise realization of the original estimate
  • the deadline for carrying out the work
  • the guarantee of perfect completion (it runs for one year from the delivery of the new item)
  • the two-year warranty (to deal with malfunctions of household appliances, ventilation, heating, etc.)
  • the ten-year guarantee (to compensate for damage associated with construction).
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Why invest in Haute Savoie?

If you want to build your house in Haute Savoie, you have surely understood that it is a particularly attractive department.

It is a very touristic region

In all seasons, Haute Savoie is interesting. In winter, you can enjoy the snowy slopes of the ski resorts. There is a wide variety of fun activities: snowshoeing, dog sledding, ski touring, cross-country skiing, as much to tell you that you will not be bored if you like nature. In summer, take a walk on the many hiking trails and enjoy a blueberry pie in one of the many refuges!

If you build in Haute Savoie to rent, you ensure a high number of reservations! The region is a very popular place for tourists.

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Dynamism of local life

No risk of getting bored here! Life is particularly dynamic: culture, sport, but also work, Haute Savoie is alive. The economy is always on the move. There are also renowned centers of excellence throughout France and the world, such as bar turning. With the tourist attraction, it is also very easy to find jobs in catering, in hotels or in shops.

Switzerland is not far

The proximity to Switzerland is a very good thing for Haute Savoie. Many cross-border workers live in France and work in Switzerland. This is an opportunity for you to find work in Switzerland or to rent your property to cross-border workers. The economic future of the region is really serene.

The choice of landscapes and journeys

It’s really a pleasure to go from the edge of Lake Annecy to the heights of Chamonix to admire Mont-Blanc. Haute Savoie is perfect for everyone: countryside, forests, mountains, lakes, chalets… everyone finds happiness in the sublime landscapes of this department. It is very easy to evolve in these different landscapes, because the Savoyard region is also very well served with very developed public transport. With the proximity of the international airports of Lyon and Geneva, you will also have the opportunity to travel whenever you want. Quickly in the south of France, but also in Paris, you will love all the possibilities offered by Haute Savoie!

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