How to separate a bedroom in two without drilling?

Dividing a bedroom in two without doing any work? The bet seems daring. And yet, it is indeed possible. Today, it is common to want to divide a room in two, whether to accommodate a newborn or to have two children live together. So what are the solutions to modulate a room with complete peace of mind? We tell you all about how to separate a bedroom in two without drilling.

Split a bedroom in two with a curtain

The idea seems very simple. And yet, she has proven herself. Indeed, the curtain remains the essential element to separate a room in two without drilling. It is then a question of delimiting two corners harmed without losing square meter. And without weighing down the room.

In addition, it is an effective solution for creating a baby corner in a master bedroom. Thus, young parents can keep an eye on their newborn while preserving their privacy. It can also be used to make two children live together. Despite the proximity, everyone can keep a corner out of sight.

And the advantage of the curtain is also its ease of installation. In the event of rental, the occupants of the accommodation do not risk losing their deposit. Thanks to a simple metal cable, it is quite possible to install a curtain without drilling the wall. The installation can be assembled and disassembled without leaving any trace.

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Finally, there are many XXL curtain models to bring a decorative note to the bedroom. Whether on online stores or in decoration stores, you will easily find a model that suits everyone.

Japanese panels, the solution to separate a bedroom in two without drilling?

The screen appears as a more opaque solution than the curtain. And the installation is also less cumbersome than an interior canopy to delimit two spaces.

On the furniture market, you will find Japanese panels that allow you to modulate the opening between two sleeping areas. To proceed with the installation, however, you will need to put a rail on the ceiling so that the panels work optimally.

Then choose an openwork or patterned model to breathe a graphic note into your interior. These are sliding partitions adapted in the context of a joint tenancy, for example.

wood fences, the trendy option in a bedroom

Interesting alternative to the traditional screen and the Japanese panels, there is the claustra. Very trendy, this way of separating without partitioning is appreciated for its ability to decorate. And some models also offer storage.

In a master bedroom, this wall gives a lot of charm. It can be used to separate a sleeping area from a private bathroom or to preserve your privacy once immersed in your bath.

Finally, wooden trellises can also be used to hide a dressing room.

A symbolic separation to divide a room into two

green plants

If you want to separate two sleeping areas in an original way, there are solutions. The use of plants is one of them. To do this, simply select green plants and bold pots, then hang them wisely.

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And for optimal results, it is advisable to choose varieties with abundant and evergreen foliage. Ivy, for example, can invite itself into a room to represent a symbolic partition. Think DIY: on an aged wooden branch, attach a series of green plants using colored pots and macramé.

The bed canopy

On the other hand, if you don’t have a green thumb, or if the roommates are young children, consider the canopy. There are original and/or poetic models to protect yourself from prying eyes.

visual separation

Finally, the separation can be visual. For this, it is worth choosing two different decorations. To create a baby corner in a master bedroom, it can be a frieze or playful wallpaper. And in a children’s room, compose two different worlds by opting for different wall and floor coverings.

However, in order for the whole room to remain harmonious, absolutely avoid swatches. It is necessary to maintain a certain unity in the choice of colors and wall coverings (paint, trendy wallpaper, etc.). Always be subtle so that each of the occupants of the room feels good there.

Separate a bedroom in two with a practical piece of furniture

Investing in a double function piece of furniture will save you some work if you want to divide a bedroom into two without drilling. This solution is doubly effective in the case of a small surface area.

Choose a practical piece of furniture such as a small chest of drawers, a shallow wardrobe, a wardrobe on wheels, a made-to-measure dressing room with cupboards on each side, a small bookcase, boxes…

This separation is quite suitable for children as well as teenagers looking for privacy. But beware, if the room suffers from a lack of light, it is better to favor openwork furniture.

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Preserve your privacy with an interior canopy

A modern and trendy solution, the indoor canopy is available as a kit. In a bedroom, this installation makes it possible to maintain a degree of privacy. And the advantage is that natural light is preserved.

Opt instead for this solution in a teenager’s room that lacks light. And in a master bedroom, the glass roof can also serve as a separation between the sleeping area and the office space. Convenient for those who work at home and do not have a dedicated room.

Create two spaces in a bedroom with flexible beds

The other idea in a child’s room is to create distinct spaces thanks to modular bedding. This makes it possible to separate a chamber into two without drilling holes. Here are some ideas to achieve the desired result:

  • choose a loft bed in order to have a second bed underneath;
  • opt for a cabin bed, a playful solution very popular with young children;
  • put a bed on a platform. Teenagers are rather receptive to this kind of arrangement;
  • provide an indoor hammock or a tent for friends who invite themselves unexpectedly.

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