Saving water: ten actions to reduce your bill

Water is a precious natural resource. In order not to have to miss it one day, it is therefore advisable not to waste it wrongly and through. Unfortunately, on a daily basis, we do not always have the right reflexes. Discover the eco-actions to put in place to save water. All the solutions and tips to reduce your water consumption and your bill. Combine business with pleasure by following our practical advice.

Do not let the water run unnecessarily

The first step to reducing your water bill is to pay attention to your consumption. For this, it is advisable not to let the water flow unnecessarily.

A French person uses an average of 200 liters of water per day. Just an open tap for one minute drains 1.5 liters. It is therefore necessary to use common sense to save drinking water from the tap. When brushing your teeth or washing your face or body, do not leave the tap on.

And the advice is the same when you do the dishes by hand. To use less water, fill the two basins of the sink, one for washing and the other for rinsing. And if you ever have a dishwasher, only turn it on if it’s full.

Repair water leaks

No need to be a plumber to put an end to water leaks. This ecological gesture also makes it possible not to end up with a salt water bill.

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Because water leaks are not always visible, remember to read your meter before going to bed, then the next morning when you wake up, without triggering the flush in the meantime.

If the numbers have moved, check your faucets, toilets, and appliances to identify where the leak is coming from.

To know : a dripping tap can lose 4 liters per hour, which represents no less than 200 euros a year. And a leaky flush consumes 25 liters per hour, or 1000 euros per year!

Use a water saver

In DIY stores, you will find economical faucets and shower heads. Do not hesitate to equip your home with it to reduce your water bill.

These are inexpensive items that help prevent water wastage in a home. These are water savers, also called aerators. Just place them in place of the classic faucet nozzle. By mixing water with air, they make it possible to divide water consumption by half, without cutting corners on comfort.

Also note that there are ecological hand showers, to be installed in your bathroom. With this equipment, you will save up to 40% of water consumption. And there are also new shower heads that work with a micro-droplet system.

Install dry toilets

Flushing the toilet, a daily but costly action. And if to save the planet and your wallet, you use dry toilets.

This simple, clean and odorless system allows you to make substantial savings on your water consumption all year round. All you have to do is cover your droppings with dry carbonaceous litter (sawdust, shavings, straw or dried and ground hay). Nothing to do with the hole at the bottom of the garden, once used by our ancestors.

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And if you consider that dry toilets remain impractical, especially with children, turn instead to the dual-flow flush. This economical flush allows you to stop the flow of water from the flush when you release the pressure on the button.

Be careful in the shower

First, it is better to leave the tub to the profile of the shower. Indeed, a bath requires up to 200 liters of water against 60 liters of water for a shower (without cutting).

Once in the shower, remember to turn off the water when you soap up. This saves about 40 liters of water!

In the garden, have good reflexes

The savings don’t just stop at home. Outside, there are also good things to do to preserve the planet and its purchasing power.

First, water sparingly. Forget the garden hose and instead use a watering can to refresh your plants. And to water less, also make sure the soil remains loose and worked. For this, it is necessary to hoe regularly.

In the same way, it is economical to collect rainwater to water your plants. You will find rainwater harvesters at reasonable prices in garden centers. Install one in the garden or on your terrace. Otherwise, use the means at hand (basins, buckets, watering cans) remembering to empty them regularly.

Use recycled paper

You may not know it, but paper production requires a lot of water consumption.

To protect this precious resource of water, replace plain paper with unbleached recycled paper. This type of stationery generates about 90% water and 50% energy saving.

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Certainly, you will not reduce your water bill at the end of the year, but you will participate in the preservation of this natural wealth.

Wash your car in drops

Washing your car is one of the main activities on weekends. But is it really vital? If you wash your car in your garden, break the habit and go to a station.

By doing your cleaning at home, you use more water than in a high pressure car cleaning station (60 liters in station against 200 liters for cleaning with a garden hose).

Use device eco mode

The dishwasher and the washing machine use a lot of water. But you can make significant savings on these two items.

Indeed, if you use a half load for example, prefer the so-called eco programs. This reduces the amount of water used. And the efficiency will be the same!

Involve the whole family to save water together!

To save water in a house, it is necessary for everyone to participate. For this, it is necessary to involve his family in eco-gestures. Once everyone is mobilized to lower the water bill and preserve the environment, set up good habits.

Both parents and children will have to respect the new house rules: turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, do not flush the toilet all the time, reuse the water as soon as possible…

And for the youngest, remember to make the operation fun. For example, buy a cup with the image of a superhero to make it easier to brush your teeth without letting the water run.

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