Corrugated sheets to renovate a roof

Your roof is old and you have the impression that it is weakening and losing its watertightness. It’s probably time to renovate it. You can then have your roof covered with corrugated sheets, which have a number of advantages but also some disadvantages.

How does a corrugated sheet look like?

Corrugated sheets can cover many buildings, such as sheds, sheds or agricultural buildings. They also form your pergola.

But they are also suitable for the roof. These plates are made of various materials. The translucent plate filters UV rays and diffuses subdued lighting inside buildings. This allows you to take better advantage of natural light. Available in many models, these translucent plates adapt easily to your renovation project.

Some corrugated sheets are made of galvanized or lacquered steel. They adapt to fairly steep slopes. Lightweight, zinc plates are perfect for structures that cannot support heavy weights.

No longer containing asbestos, corrugated fiber cement sheets are another solution for covering your roof. There are still PVC, polycarbonate or aluminum plates.

Obvious advantages

The first advantage of these corrugated sheets is their relatively moderate price, which provides excellent value for money. Their use will therefore allow you to renovate your roof without breaking the bank.

Generally speaking, these plates are designed to adapt to all types of roofs. They can cover rounded roofs but also adapt to sloping roofs.

Overall, corrugated sheets are very waterproof. Depending on the materials used, they prevent the spread of moss and fungi. They also offer good weather resistance and do not suffer from rain or snow. The flakes do not accumulate on certain plates, in particular aluminum, and slide on their surface.

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Very strong, these corrugated plates resist wear and the passage of time. You can keep them for decades without having to change them.

Furthermore, the plates are available in several colors. So you can choose the one that best suits the style of your home.

Another advantage of the corrugated plate is its lightness. This low weight facilitates the handling and laying of plates which, in any case, are installed without difficulty. Light, the plates will weigh less on the frame and the structure of the house.

Once you have installed good insulation inside the roof, a roof made of corrugated sheets is recommended if you live in a cold region. Even in the event of frequent falls, the snow will indeed slide on the plates and will not weigh on the frame.

Some disadvantages

They must be taken into account when choosing corrugated sheets as a roofing solution. First, the plates are not not always perfect insulators. They hardly protect against surrounding sounds and would tend to amplify the sound of rain or gusts of wind.

In this case, it is possible to lay foam sound insulation under the plates, specially designed for this purpose. Likewise, it is advisable to lay the plates in the opposite direction of the prevailing winds of your region.

These plates are also not an excellent thermal insulator. They can let in cold or heat from the outside. It is therefore necessary to plan to insulate the roof from the inside, using suitable materials, such as glass wool for example.

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Overall, corrugated sheets are less aesthetic than more traditional materials, such as tiles or slates. However, the palette of existing colors has expanded, and it is easier to find plates that match the look of your home.

It is also possible to paint certain plates, in particular in zinc. So you can give them the appearance that suits you. In this case, use a special paint, suitable for this type of material. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, it will help protect the roof from rust and infiltration.

Over time, some plates may also undergo deformations. This is particularly the case for PVC sheets. For their part, the steel plates can suffer from corrosion. As for the aluminum plates, they sometimes flake or crumble. Sometimes you can see, on some of them, the effects of discoloration.

This is why it is important to treat your corrugated sheet roofing with suitable products.

Similarly, if you live in an area with gusty winds, it may not be advisable, because of the noise caused, to have corrugated sheets on your roof.

Finally, even if the corrugated sheets can give you a long use, they will undoubtedly be a little less durable than traditional roofs.

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