Craftsman on the internet: how to find the right one?

Finding a tradesman to carry out construction, renovation or even maintenance work can be a real headache. And yet, it is not the offers that are lacking on the internet, in addition to the directories which group together the contact details of different craftsmen in the regions of the country. The real challenge for individuals looking for a craftsman is to find one who is competent in his field, reliable, and who charges his services at the right price. Even if the company seems laborious, know that there are solutions to this problem. Here are the criteria to take into account to recognize a good craftsman and the solutions for which you can opt.

By what criteria do we recognize a reliable and competent craftsman?

There is no shortage of craftsmen’s services on the web, and in particular on the classifieds sites where you can easily find the contact details of professionals. But these simple coordinates do not guarantee either the competence or the craftsman reliability, especially since anyone can access these sites. Fortunately, you only need to take into account the following criteria to detect potential scammers.

His specialization in construction

The first step is to clearly determine the type of work you are planning: plumbing, electricity, tiling… The craftsman you have chosen must be specialized in a field to ensure optimal results. Beware of those who claim to be jacks-of-all-trades and promise to redo your entire house from floor to ceiling. Even if it is likely, it is better to rely on a person who specializes in a type of work, and who will suggest that you contact other craftsmen of his knowledge for work for which he does not have the skills, at the instead of trying out tasks that he does not necessarily master.

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Registration and references

All professional craftsmen must be registered in the Directory of Trades, and therefore to justify a registration. If he works as a company, you will also have to check his SIRET number, and for the auto entrepreneur, he will have to prove these 2 numbers. This information is a guarantee of its professionalism.

Also check his professional references and in particular his diplomas or his equivalence with the Chamber of Trades since they guarantee his expertise.

Professional craftsman insurance

A professional craftsman must be able to present you with insurance when you ask for it. It is more precisely thecivil and professional liability insuranceintended to cover its possible shortcomings and errors, the guarantee of perfect completionthe delivery time guarantee, as well as the guarantee ten-year.

Craft labels

The labels constitute a guarantee as to the skills of the craftsman you choose. It is also important to underline that certain works imperatively require the use of a certified and labeled craftsman. Picking out a skilled craftsman in a specific field also allows you to take advantage of after-sales service in case there are problems with the equipment, or the installation. This is the case, for example, of the Qualit’Enr label which includes QualiPV for photovoltaic panels, Qualibois, Qualisol and Qualipac.

digital word-of-mouth, the ideal solution to find a good craftsman

The best way to find a professional is to rely on testimonials from artisans in your city. Word of mouth allows you to determine if the craftsman is competent and serious. To do this, you just need to ask for good contacts from your relatives or friends who have already carried out work. These are honest sources who will be able to attest to the reliability of the craftsmen they have dealt with.

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You can also use « digital word-of-mouth » by consulting the customer reviews on matchmaking platforms, or the craftsmen’s websites. These reviews act as gauges by which you can assess the quality of craftsmen’s work, especially since most sites encourage ratings to measure the level of customer satisfaction. In addition, these sites have an image bank so that you can have an overview of work already delivered.

Note that digital word-of-mouth is a way for building professionals to build a solid online reputation. This e-reputation is essential in the current context where individuals are getting a lot of information and are increasingly relying on the opinion of consumers like them to choose a craftsman. Craftsmen, and in particular the companies that employ them, therefore have every interest in implementing their know-how in order to obtain favorable opinions from their customers.

The alternatives to find a reliable craftsman

While word-of-mouth is particularly effective in find serious craftsmen for your workbe aware that there are also alternatives that you can adopt, such as platforms for connecting individuals and artisans as well as comparative platforms.

Connecting platforms

Platforms for linking customers and craftsmen abound on the web since individuals have used the internet to search for service providers. Most Trusted Sites List the best craftsmen who have considerable experience.

These platforms are also very practical since they allow you to request quotes online to have a precise idea of ​​the price of the services. Finally, customers are graciously invited to give their opinion on the services and to evaluate them on the site.

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Comparative platforms

The comparative platform is a fast and efficient solution thanks to which you can find craftsmen nearby online. The use of these sites is very simple, since all you have to do is fill out a form concerning the type of work you want to carry out, the region where you are located… and they will select for you professional craftsmen available in their network.

The use of this type of site offers you the particular advantage of being able to compare the quotes of each craftsman who has been selected for you.

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