5 tips for choosing the right wardrobe

You are going abroad for a while or moving to smaller accommodation. In these situations, and in many others, what will you do with the excess furniture and objects? The best solution is probably to store them in a storage box. Many companies offer this type of storage. Here are some tips to help you choose it wisely.

Take the time to find out

To find the furniture storage that suits you, the first thing to do is to go on site. Make sure the staff listens to you and is ready to help you.

If this is the case, you can tell him your expectations and your own needs. It is best to list the furniture and objects you want to store in the box. Based on this information, the person hosting you will be able to estimate the area needed to store your belongings.

She will then be able to recommend the most appropriate box. The best is to visit it to give you a more precise idea of ​​the places. That said, you can trust the professionals, who are used to assessing the volume of furniture and matching it to a space suitable for its storage.

A safe space

The security of your belongings is of course an essential criterion in the choice of your storage unit. Make sure that the chosen company has equipped its boxes with effective closing devices. Some companies provide you with a magnetic card or a code, which allows you to access the box.

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The installation of a video surveillance system, operating permanently, reinforces the security of the place. The presence of an alarm device, capable of deterring any intruders, represents an additional element of protection.

Also check that fire prevention devices and smoke extraction systems have been installed. They help to guarantee the integrity of your personal belongings.

Some companies also hire specific staff to monitor the premises. During their regular rounds, its members check that the door of your box has not been forced or suffered any damage.

There are also specific documents, which record entries and exits from the storage location. This provision finds its place in the whole of the security system.

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Easy and permanent access

Before choosing your storage unit, also pay close attention to the access conditions. Its location should allow you to easily store your belongings. Do you have a convenient parking space, to park your car nearby?

Is access to the box free of obstacles, such as steps for example? Also check that there are no gradients or slopes, which would make access more difficult. If it is located upstairs, make sure there are efficient hoists. If so, storage costs you less and does the same for you.

The best thing is to be able to access your box at all times, day and night, weekdays and weekends. Some companies, in fact, only allow access to the boxes during the week, and at specific times.

Varied and flexible services

Before you decide, take the time to review the various services offered by the company. They do not count for nothing in the choice of storage unit.

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This is how you can prefer a company that allows you to resume your business at any time, without charging you any additional fees. In this case, the contract does not provide for any long-term commitment.

Some companies also provide trolleys. They will be very convenient for transporting furniture and personal effects to the box. It is even possible to find, in a partner store, boxes to pack your things.

Check box status

To ensure optimal protection and preservation of your belongings, it is also important to choose a storage unit in excellent condition.

This is how it is necessary to control the ventilation device which ensures the ventilation of the box. Also choose a dry place, away from humidity.

It is still necessary to check whether effective treatments have been planned to avoid the presence of rodents or pests in the box. To ensure regular maintenance of your box, some companies organize a cleaning service.

If you choose a box upstairs, you do not risk seeing your belongings flooded. In addition, they will be stored on soil that is often healthier than the concrete slabs of many boxes.

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