How to renovate a house?

When buying a property, it is common to want to carry out renovations as the new owner. This type of work can involve paint, flooring, electricity, joinery, plumbing, insulation, etc. Some tasks can be carried out without any problem by a handyman. However, other jobs require the experience of a craftsman or general building contractor. Follow our advice to successfully refresh your home while avoiding disappointment. Time, budget, material, administrative authorization, insurance… We tell you everything about how to renovate a house according to the rules of the art!

What does it entail to renovate a house? Types of work.

Renovation, not to be confused with the construction of a house, concerns finishing work. Work can take many forms. It can be the change of a room to modernize it (bathroom, kitchen, living room…), the installation of a new floor or the change of the wallpaper…

In fact, renovating a house can meet two objectives: to decorate it and/or to improve its energy performance. Generally, renovation work (or refreshment) is carried out when buying a house, before occupying it, or when the interior turns out to be dilapidated or unfit for habitation.

Renovation work can therefore cover a whole field of work: modification of the carpentry, installation of new heating or air conditioning, revision of the electrical system, installation of new wallpaper, etc.

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Depending on the renovation site, it is possible to carry out the work yourself or to call on a building tradesman (painter, electrician, mason, plasterer, electrician, plumber, roofer, etc.).

What permits are required to renovate your home?

Between building permits and prior declaration of works, you may be lost in the administrative authorizations.

First, you should go to the town hall of your municipality to find out about the PLU (local urban plan). This is the first essential step before starting the refreshment work.

Indeed, an enlargement, an extension, the creation of an opening, the development of attics may require a prior declaration of work or an application for a building permit.

In any case, whether you decide to carry out the work yourself or call on a building tradesman, it is essential to comply with the regulations.

What are the technical constraints to be taken into account in a renovation project?

Before rushing headlong, it is worth thinking about the scope of the renovation work and your capabilities in this area. Admittedly, any handyman is capable of changing an electrical outlet or installing wallpaper, but what about exterior insulation, for example?

Sometimes it is best to seek advice from a professional such as an architect before renovating your home. This will tell you if your project is viable or not. The architect will answer technical questions. If you have any doubts about a load-bearing wall or the weight that the foundations of the house can support, do not take any risks.

On the other hand, do-it-yourselfers think less about it, but a renovation site generates dust and therefore pollution. Between the materials, the paint… a house quickly saturates. With this in mind, it may be wise to have air extractors installed or to change the existing ones in order to ventilate the accommodation and renew the air.

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Should I take out insurance for a renovation project?

Do you have the necessary skills to carry out your renovation work? Carrying out the work yourself does not exempt you from following the standards and recommendations.

And to work in the rules of the art, you must imperatively take out the insurance necessary for the smooth running of the renovation work. The workmanship guarantee, for example, is mandatory.

Note: in the event of resale of your property, your responsibility as project owner may be engaged.

What equipment do you need to have to do the work yourself?

Do you need tools to freshen up your home? For small jobs (painting, for example), you won’t need much.

On the other hand, for a larger second work site, the necessary equipment can be expensive (ladder, scaffolding, cement mixer, etc.). In this case, if you are not using a construction company, consider renting tools. This is a good way to get top-of-the-range equipment at a lower cost.

How to determine your budget for renovating a house?

As an individual, it is complicated to accurately determine the budget for your renovation project. Especially since the work in the second work often reserve unpleasant surprises.

However, the question of the amount is very important, especially if you have a tight budget. To avoid disappointments (exceeding the budget, impossibility of finishing the work, choice of poor quality materials, etc.), it is preferable to call on a craftsman who will know how to cost the project precisely.

Note: also remember that if you carry out the work yourself, you will not have the same supplier prices to which construction companies are entitled.

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How long does it take to refresh a house?

In addition to the question of the budget, it is also necessary to take an interest in time management. Unless you are retired, you will need to find free time to carry out your renovation work. Generally, handymen take advantage of the weekend to work on the finishing work. But if your construction site is subject to the vagaries of the weather, perhaps you should trust a construction company?

On the other hand, if you have to live in the accommodation during the works, it is preferable to organize yourself accordingly and plan the site as well as possible. And so that the property remains habitable during the renovation, it may be wise to call on a craftsman (insulation from the outside, change of joinery, electricity, etc.).

Finally, keep in mind that it is necessary to prioritize the work if you have to perform several tasks. Depending on your needs, your desires and your lifestyle, complete certain jobs before others. For example, if you regularly receive family who lives far away, it is better to renovate the guest bedroom or the living room before changing the wallpaper in the kitchen.

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