Foosball: Why play with your children?

Gone are the days when foosball was just a bar distraction. This game is also an excellent activity to do as a family with your children. Moreover, in this time of health crisis. It is essential that they can have fun as they please. Without further ado, discover the advantages of playing foosball with your children.

Foosball: a game suitable for everyone and all ages

Table football is a game suitable for all ages. Seniors and even children can play it. This multigenerational game requires little physical effort. Learning the rules of the game and being coordinated in your movements to aim well is the only prerequisite, which is easily accessible to your children. In addition, unlike other games, the rules of foosball are simple and easily understood. This is a fun game ideal for entertaining children.

To introduce children to this game, do not hesitate to consult this selection of foosball tables for children in which you will find many models adapted to their size. These also sport bright colors that give them an attractive look. In addition, you can also offer them a multi-game model that will allow them to discover table tennis or even billiardsin addition to table football.

Visu Why Children Play Football

Foosball: ideal for bonding with children

Table football celebrates human contact. It is therefore an excellent way to strengthen the bonds between the different members of the family. Having this game in your home will allow you to spend quality time with your children.

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You can also organize tournaments or competitions that involve all family members. Why not a match parents against children or mother and daughters against father and boys? During these competitions, the outcome does not matter, the interest is above all to spend time with family. If the grandparents are also present, do not hesitate to have them play. With the whole family gathered, you are ready to spend special moments between you.

Moreover, you can make these moments of conviviality more fun by adding your own rules. The loser can for example be forced to hum the winner’s favorite song. The possibilities abound for make these moments of relaxation unique. This will be an opportunity for them to discover the child that lies dormant in you.

Table football to limit the time children are exposed to screens

Another advantage of playing foosball with your children is that you allow them to step away from television, smartphone, tablet or computer screens a little bit. The latter tend to isolate them from the rest of the world, which does not promote their socialization.

If your children have a lot of fun, especially through their video games, table football is just as fun. Plus, it doesn’t harm their visual health like screens tend to do. Prolonged exposure to these can indeed cause dry eyes, tearing and cause long-term visual problems. Worse still, the blue light emitted by screens is particularly harmful to the eyes of children whose lens is still immature.

table football, a sustainable and inexpensive investment

Thanks to table football you will have a good time in the company of your children. And contrary to what one might think, this investment is far from being expensive. You don’t need to buy a table from a renowned brand, as if to please the whole family. Many models are very affordable and allow you to enjoy the same sensations as a professional foosball table on a three-figure budget. A good way to please your children at a lower cost. What’s more, the football tables are designed with resistant materials such as wood or melamine. You will be able to enjoy it for many years.

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Teach sportsmanship to your children with table football

Because foosball is a competitive game, you can use it to teach sportsmanship to your children. They must indeed learn to be tactful with others. The goal is not to win at all costs. Teach them to play fairly by the rules of the game and to be fair with other players.

Why Kids Play Football

Choose the right table football for your child

To take full advantage of the football table that you are about to buy for your children, it is important to take certain criteria into account. The first is of course the dimensions. The chosen table must indeed be small enough for the children to play on.. You will also have the possibility to choose a game with coin or not. In addition, in order to be able to organize great competitions, it is preferable to turn to models equipped with at least six bars.

In addition, to optimize the space available in your home, let yourself be tempted by foldable models. Very easy to set up, they are also very easy to store when you’re done playing. The shape of the handles is also important. Round or longitudinal, the choice is yours. Do not hesitate to check your children’s preferences on this subject either. On the design side, you can please your children by opting for models sporting an illustration of their favorite character. Also bet on a color that will fit perfectly into the decor of the room hosting the game.

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Playing table football with your children means sharing special moments with them. It is also an opportunity to strengthen ties and maintain your complicity. The advantages do not stop there since it is a game that allowskeep your children away from screens and vary the activities.

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