House: how to maintain your roof?

Over time, the roof will become covered with mosses, lichens and other fungi. These plants damage the roof, which becomes less waterproof. Infiltrations can then occur. To avoid these inconveniences, it is essential to maintain the roof on a regular basis. Effective maintenance, which is best left to a professional, requires the choice of proven cleaning techniques and appropriate products.

Which cleaning technique to use?

To rid your roof of the mosses or lichens that invade it, you can choose the high pressure cleaning. In this case, the powerful jet of the karcher will overcome the most stubborn dirt.

Think of start at the top of the roof, gradually reaching its lowest point. This will allow water to flow downwards, without the risk of penetrating the roof. Also be sure to keep the karcher at a sufficient distance from the tiles.

Moreover, the choice of this cleaning method will depend on the condition of the roof, but also on the materials that cover it.

Indeed, the force of the high-pressure jet can damage your roof, especially if it is made up of slate or clay tiles. The force of the water can, in some cases, crack or even break them.

To clean your roof, you may prefer the use of a stiff bristle brush and concentrated bleach. More economical, this method is less aggressive a priori, but the components of bleach can also corrode the roof.

The last cleaning step is to remove the leaves and branches that are blocking the gutters. It is possible to remove them by hand or to use the force of a jet of water.

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Whichever method is used, the cost of this cleaning depends on the surface and condition of the roof. To find out, ask for a quote for cleaning. And do not hesitate to request specific aid, such as a zero-interest loan or the aid offered by the National Agency for Housing (ANAH).

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Suitable products

Even if it seems effective to you, a simple cleaning does not guarantee you against the rapid reappearance of plants that denature your roof. Only the distribution of preventive products protects the roof from the invasion of mosses and lichens.

First, you have to use a anti foam product. There are concentrated products, which must be diluted in water to be able to use them. Some are free of chemical additives. Others contain bleach or acids. In this case, the roof should be rinsed after use. Products requiring rinsing are also distinguished by rapid action.

Some products are applied without rinsing. They will act little by little, especially under the effect of the rain. For the actual application of the product, it is better to choose dry days and not too hot, to avoid dilution or evaporation of the product.

After applying an anti-moss product, it is also advisable to apply a protective coating, which makes it possible to waterproof the roof. This protective coating protects the roof from bad weather and the spread of moss, but also from the effects of high-pressure cleaning.

The maintenance of your roof also involves the application of a water repellent, which protects it from moisture. Less humid, the roof will be less invaded by mosses. The application of this product, added to an anti-moss solution, can rid the roof of unwelcome plants for years. It will thus benefit from a greater longevity.

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These water repellents are designed to adapt to all types of roofs. Some are colorless, respecting the initial appearance of the roof. Others are colored, which allows you to give a new shine to the roof, or even to modify the color. It should be noted that some anti-moss products already contain a water-repellent solution.

Trust a professional

It is not impossible to carry out the maintenance of your roof yourself. To do this, you must wear non-slip shoes and a mask to protect yourself from the fumes of the products used.

A protective harness is also essential for your safety. Likewise, your ladder must comply with current safety standards. Make sure it is well wedged on the ground and fix it with hooks to the roof.

Also avoid cleaning your roof if it is wet and never work alone.

Despite all the precautions taken, cleaning a roof presents, by its very nature, obvious risks. This is why it is better to entrust it to professionals, who know the right gestures and all the safety procedures.

In addition, their expertise allows them to choose the cleaning technique and the products best suited to the nature of your roof. In this way, you have the assurance that it will receive appropriate treatment to keep it in good condition.

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