How to set up a cellar?

The pantry often serves as a pantry, scullery or laundry area. This very practical room allows you to store kitchen utensils, household appliances and also provisions. Even if the cellars are getting smaller and smaller in today’s homes, they allow you to store a large number of things. Everything that is not used on a daily basis can find its place here.

However, this room is usually small, dark and poorly laid out. But, it is up to you to make it pleasant and functional. Discover our tips for fitting out a cellar with taste. Also follow our advice to optimize the space to the maximum with smart storage.

Where should a pantry be placed in a house?

near the kitchen

If you are in a construction project, it is useful to provide a storeroom in the accommodation. Traditionally, this room adjoins the kitchen for convenience. However, there are other design possibilities.

In the basement or in the garage

In the basement, the pantry can be used to accommodate household appliances (washing machine, freezer, duplicate refrigerator, etc.). Placing your cellar near the garage has a major advantage. This makes it easy to store groceries when you return with a full trunk. In this pantry, you can also have the foods you use little (cans, vegetables, etc.).

Under the stairs or in the kitchen via a partition

On the other hand, if you don’t have room in the house to own a pantry, the trick is to use the empty space under the stairs. This provides a storage area for storing the vacuum cleaner or groceries, for example.

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You can also cut your kitchen in half if the surface allows it. For this, separate the space visually with an interior canopy. Thus, natural light is retained.

To know : this room does not necessarily require natural lighting. However, artificial light should be installed there. In addition, the cellar must be perfectly ventilated and dry. Also provide an easy-to-clean floor to keep the area clean. Finally, in terms of area, it is better to have at least 4 m² for the room to be functional.

Cellar: what is the room for?

The pantry provides additional storage space in the house. You can absolutely store there:

  • household appliances that you use little (ice cream maker, raclette or fondue set, crepe maker, waffle maker, etc.);
  • cleaning products (mop, bucket, broom, paper towel, etc.);
  • foods that cannot be kept in the light (e.g. potatoes);
  • provisions and food reserves such as water or milk packs, tin cans…

Clever storage for fitting out a cellar

The wooden table

trend, the peg board, a kind of wooden board with holes, allows you to hang kitchen utensils in the pantry. It also has a decorative function with its Scandinavian design.

Open shelves

For practical storage, we also favor open shelves to be fixed to the wall. When you want a spice, condiment or food, it makes your search easier. No need to open cupboards one by one to find what you’re missing.

Basket, box, storage box

Baskets, boxes, wooden or metal crates are very useful in a pantry for storing different foods. Fruits and vegetables, for example, will find their place in a specific basket. Storage will be optimal in the pantry. Then stick a label on each container to find it more easily.

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On the other hand, if you have a lot of pots and pans and can’t fit them all in the kitchen, hang your utensils in the pantry. You will have everything at hand rather than opening cupboards or drawers. And this will help make the decoration rustic.

Wardrobes with sliding doors

Cabinets with sliding doors are also a good option in a pantry or scullery to store food and utensils efficiently. This allows you to have a dust-free storage space.

Closed cabinet

Finally, it is advisable to store its household products in a closed cupboard in order to avoid a domestic accident.

Cellar layout: our practical ideas to save time

When it comes to making the shopping list, all the tricks are good to optimize your time. For this, there are very simple and effective means:

  • open shelves rather than closed cupboards allow for a direct view of inventory. You waste less time listing what you’re missing;
  • on the wall, install a blackboard to write down the meals of the week or the foods that are missing. It is then a question of making a provisional shopping list while waiting to establish it on paper;
  • the glass jars allow optimal storage. Simply place the food in the jar (flour, sugar, dough, rice, etc.) then stick a label on the glass container. Thus, you will have an exact knowledge of the remaining quantity and you can better manage the stocks. In addition, with their vintage look, the jars bring a decorative touch to a cellar. In addition, buying in bulk reduces waste. Then just use the jars to store.
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How to build a utility room?

If you decide to convert a cellar into a laundry room, you must ensure that the room is equipped with:

  • a sufficient number of electrical outlets, a water supply and ventilation, and if possible, a sink or water point for washing hands;
  • a rack system on the walls to install shelves at different levels, both open and closed. In closed cupboards, store dangerous products (detergent, bleach, etc.);
  • sufficient space to store an ironing board and open it;
  • a work surface to fold the laundry, for example. There are foldable models that fold down;
  • enough storage space to put the laundry in (crate, basket, box, etc.).

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