How to cool a room during a heat wave?

In summer, we must always expect periods of heat waves, because the frequency of these strong heat waves continues to increase from year to year. This article looks at ways to keep a house cool during a heat wave. To do this, there are several devices and tricks that can cool your home in the middle of a heat wave. Let’s find out!

1. The fans

Fan to cool a roomFans are the least expensive devices and moreover, they adapt to all spaces, whatever their size. The fan generates air and stirs it evenly. There are several types of fans and each has its own characteristics. The pedestal fan can cool a room in height. The ideal is to place it in a kitchen or a bedroom.

Some more advanced models have a remote control that allows them to be guided from a distance. The table fan is ideal for cooling small spaces, as it has a space-saving rotating system. The pedestal fan moves air up and down to cool a room. It is also space-saving.

There are also designer fans without blades, which are safer for children because they are less dangerous. In addition, they have a modern design that fits perfectly in modern homes. Finally, the ceiling fan is a multifunctional device. Not only does it allow the circulation of air at height, but it also acts as a light for the bedroom.

2. air fresheners

Air coolers, also known as air coolers, help maintain an ambient temperature in a room. These devices have the advantage of being less expensive than air conditioners for better performance than fans.

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The air cooler collects the hot air, passes it through a damp block and transforms it into pleasant fresh air that comes out of the device. This device is ideal for a room that does not exceed 30 m². Indeed, beyond this surface, the air cooler will not be able to properly keep the temperature cool in a day.

These devices are effective when the air in the room is dry. We advise you to opt for an air cooler if you live in an apartment or only have a small room to cool.

3. air conditioners

Heat Room Air Conditioner

It is a device that needs no introduction. The operation of an air conditioner is identical to that of a refrigerator. It is a heat pump that draws air into a room, cools it with a compressor and releases it in cooling mode into a room.

Its great advantage lies in the fact that it is possible to control the desired temperature in the room. There are three types of air conditioners: mobile air conditioner, window air conditioner and split air conditioner. For temperate regions, it is advisable to opt for a mobile air conditioner as can be found in the comparison of the best mobile air conditioners on a nanoscience foundation.

The latter needs an air outlet or a passage through the window for evacuation. This one is mobile as its name suggests and it has the advantage of being able to be moved wherever you want. The most powerful mobile air conditioners can cool a room of up to 120 m².

Mobile air conditioners usually have a remote control because they are programmable. The window air conditioner is more suitable for rooms with small surfaces. It is fixed on the windows thanks to its frame. It should be noted that this device is still an auxiliary air conditioner. Indeed, on the one hand, it is a rather noisy device and on the other hand, the window air conditioner is not very suitable for cooling a room which is all day in the axis of the sun.

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Finally, the split air conditioner is the most efficient model of the three types of air conditioners. True, it is also the most expensive, but it has many advantages. There are several varieties of split air conditioners on the market, but your choice will mainly depend on the volume of the room to be cooled, energy consumption and aesthetics.

4. Tips for cooling a room in summer

If you want to use homemade alternatives to find something to cool your room during a heat wave, consider opening your windows very early in the morning and closing them as soon as day breaks. Placing a wet cloth in front of the window or other opening in the house at night helps to keep a little cool during the night. You can also place bottles of frozen water near your fans to provide cool air. And finally, avoid as much as possible to operate heating appliances such as the oven during the heat wave.

Here are the different alternatives available to you to remedy the problem of the heat wave in summer. These different solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want to simplify the task, do not forget to weigh the pros and cons on the following criteria: effectiveness, cost and aesthetics.

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