How to put up a fence?

If you own a house and a garden, putting up a fence has obvious advantages. It allows you to mark the limits and close it to intruders. It can also protect you from prying eyes. To install your fence, it is advisable to proceed in a methodical way.

The first steps

Before installing your fence, you should first find out about the possible steps to be taken. If, usually, the installation of a fence is not subject to obtaining a building permit, it may require, on your part, a prior declaration of work.

If you have decided to install a chain-link fence, you first need choose an appropriate material, consisting of suitable garden fences, posts and tension wires. Also provide appropriate tools. If you opt for a wooden fence, choose panels treated in depth against humidity and insects.

You can do the installation yourself or entrust the work to specialists. Thus the installation of fences in Caen is carried out by experienced professionals, who put at your service a proven know-how.

The first thing to do is to mark the terrain accurately. You must make sure that the fence will not overflow onto your neighbour’s property. This delimitation can be done by means of strings.

Installation of posts and stakes

It is then necessary to plant stakes in the ground which, at regular distances, will mark the location of the posts. do not forget to control the level of the future fence by stretching a cord between the posts.

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This done, it is time to dig, at the location of the corner and intermediate stakes, the holes to receive the posts intended to hold the fence or the wooden panels. Dig deep enough, using a spade, so as to ensure a good hold of the posts. Likewise, the hole must have a precise width. To be sure that the post holds well, you can place stones or gravel in the sealing hole. It is best to start by sealing in the corner posts.

You still have to pour concrete, and a little water, on top. You can also use a ready-to-use mortar. Until the cement has taken hold, hold the post with wedges. For this, it is important to leave the sealings the necessary time, a few days in general. Then, using a level, or a plumb line, check that it is straight, and attach a strut to the post. As its name suggests, this metal element will reinforce the post. To maintain it with solidity, this part will have to respect a sufficient angle of inclination and will also be concreted.

In the case of a wooden fence, it is necessary to position the metal elements, called bases, in which the posts will fit. Before putting them in place, it is advisable, again, to check that they are plumb.

The installation of the mesh or panels

If you have chosen to install a chain-link fence, the equipment provided includes parts called turnbuckles which, as their name suggests, ensure the tension of the wires which serve as a support for the fence. These tensioners are fixed on the corner posts in a fairly simple way, in particular by means of bolts.

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Then, these so-called tension wires should be installed. To do this, they must pass through the holes which, in the posts, are designed for this purpose. To ensure a solid attachment of these wires, use pliers and turn the end of the wires several times. Run these wires through all the holes provided for them until you have gone completely around the fence and returned to your starting point.

It is then that the tension wires must be introduced into the tensioners. By turning the bolts of the mechanism, you ensure the progressive tension of the threads. The equipment provided also includes a tension bar which, fixed to the fence, allows it to be firmly fixed to a first post. This bar also makes it possible to distribute the tension over the whole of the mesh, and in particular over its entire height. From this first post, all you have to do is unroll the fence and place it against the other posts and the tension wires. The mesh will then be fixed with staples.

In the case of a wooden fence, it will first be necessary to install the first post in its base. Enclosed in the metal base, the post is well secured by means of suitable screws. The corner posts being fixed, it remains to assemble, between them, the panels or the blades which will compose the fence.

Some posts are designed with grooves in which the blades will fit on top of each other, in the height direction.

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