How to decorate the walls of your living room?

Do you want to decorate the walls of your home but you have no idea how? Follow our advice for a trendy wall decoration!

The living room is one of the essential rooms of a house. We spend a lot of time there, whether to rest, have fun or receive friends or family. It is therefore important to take care of the decoration of the living room to feel good there, like in a cocoon. In this sense, it is important to animate the walls so that the place has a good energy. Depending on the theme of your room and the atmosphere that prevails there, follow our advice to decorate the walls of your living room. Discover the latest decoration trends and all our tips to embellish your room easily.

Paint or decorate a section of wall with wallpaper or stickers

wall decals

If you are tired of traditional tapestries or paintings to decorate a living room wall, you can appeal to the play of colors. Indeed, decorating a wall with a color other than white is trendy.

Break with the monotony of monochromatic walls by infusing a colorful note into your room. There are several solutions for this:

  • decorate a section of the wall with wallpaper, daring to use graphic, geometric, flower patterns, etc. You will find all kinds of wallpaper designs in decoration stores. Dare to use patterns that change from the ordinary to bring dynamism to your interior;
  • paint a wall in a color that contrasts with the rest, while ensuring that the result is harmonious;
  • or decorate your wall with stickers. In the wall sticker market, you will find all kinds of designs like inspirational phrases.
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Arrange the frames, photos and mirrors in an original way

original frames wall

To break the too wise side of a wall decoration based on frames, paintings, photos or mirrors, bet on the layout. And good news for the most creative, there are 1001 ways to display them on a living room wall.

Here are some of our ideas for decorating the walls of your living room while remaining trendy:

  • arrange a frame wall, making sure to obtain a graphic rendering. Play with frame designs and colors;
  • create a suspension with polaroid photos to create an original and totally personalized decoration. DIY and vintage enthusiasts will adopt this homemade solution;
  • opt for a vintage geography map. It is an alternative to the traditional painting which is suitable for all types of interior (modern, rustic, industrial…);
  • make a jumble of mirrors by varying the geometric shapes (round mirror, asymmetrical mirror, etc.). Play with sizes and shapes to create an original and dynamic rendering;
  • always on the side of the mirror, opt for an XXL model to put against the wall. Thus, you will be able to observe yourself from head to toe while decorating an entire wall. Preferably, select a gold-framed mirror to give your room some sparkle;
  • finally, if you are more of a painting person, choose models with a message that are in tune with the times. Hang a romantic or humorous message board, scrabble version, for example, on the living room wall. For this kind of decoration, prefer the relaxation area, above the sofa, for example.

Trendy objects to decorate the walls of your living room

If you like to hunt for beautiful objects or go to decoration stores to observe the latest trends, decorate your living room wall with accessories. To give substance to your wall decoration, display your favorite object or play on the accumulation of the same object to create style.

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Among the trendy objects to hang on the wall, there are woven baskets as well as ethnic baskets. Without forgetting the macrame which fits perfectly into a bohemian chic interior. But you can also opt for simpler decorative accessories such as shelves in the form of wooden crates. Straw hats are also objects to be honored.

Finally, if you are a musician, why not hang your favorite instrument on the wall to create a unique wall decoration.

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Create a stone wall, brick or wood

To create a warm space in your living room, there’s nothing like stone facing. You will dress your wall with a nice mineral touch. And it will give a pretty raw look to your room. In addition, it is the ideal solution to give it character.

But you can also opt for brick. In tune with the times, this material enhances an interior and easily invites itself into an industrial-style decor. Behind a wood stove, for example, this facing will be perfect.

As for wood, a warm material par excellence, it is totally suitable for a rustic interior. Then create a wooden cladding panel to highlight the natural side of your home. To a lesser extent, it will recall the cabin, chalet or seaside spirit. Perfect for getting away from it all while staying at home.

Decorate the walls of the living room with smart storage

On the other hand, if you need storage in your interior for lack of space, combine business with pleasure. For this, consider installing a shelf wall. It can take place behind a living room sofa or occupy an entire wall.

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To obtain a nice visual result, favor aesthetic objects and accessories. For example, you can alternate books, trinkets, green plants, without forgetting to slip in a few well-chosen paintings. It’s all about creating a linear decoration and bringing a space to life.

Finally, if you do not want to drill your living room wall, the other solution is to use the wooden ladder. It is a decorative accessory that is all the rage in a modern interior. Place the object against the wall to wake up the room. And to bring an even more decorative note to the whole, combine the ladder with a guinguette-style light garland. On the ladder, place a few objects and accessories (plants, books, table lamps, candles, lanterns, etc.). Play on the cozy spirit.

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