Which roller shutter parts can you replace yourself?

Having roller shutters brings you comfort and security: thermal comfort, acoustics, prevention of intrusions… But like any other device used on a daily basis, roller shutters are not immune to breakdowns. Whether your shutter is motorized or manual, it is necessary to maintain it and repair it in the event of a malfunction.

To do this, it is essential to have suitable and quality spare parts, whether you want to change them yourself or hire a professional. But where can you find spare parts for roller shutters and what type of repair can you do yourself? The answers in this article.

Change the motor of a roller shutter yourself

If your roller shutter is electric, you may encounter a problem with the motor. In this case, you can carry out its replacement yourself. You can find many parts for its roller shutter on this site and in particular engine spare parts : Somfy, Bubendorff, Profalux, Becker motor…, universal support, wired motor, radio motor, motor support, wheel and crown, motor adaptation…

The motor is an essential component in the operation of a motorized roller shutter. Indeed, it is only thanks to it that the occupants of a dwelling can easily open and close the shutter, using a simple button, without having to handle a crank. It also allows tooperate your roller shutter remotely, with a remote control.

Usually the motor sits in the tube where you can find the winding of the blades. It is a component that integrates with the axle.

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Many brands offer tubular motors. When purchasing, do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional to find the model that best suits your shutter and your budget.

Rolling Shutter Parts

Replacing the apron fasteners of a roller shutter

Apron fasteners are essential for the proper functioning of your roller shutter. These parts invisible from the outside are located in the casing of your shutter and allow you to make the connection between the winding axis and all the slats that make up the apron. In the event of a malfunction, the roller shutter cannot wrap around the shaft.

On sites specializing in spare parts for roller shutters, you will find a wide choice offlexible and rigid apron fasteners, but also locks. The first are inexpensive and resistant and are fixed by means of straps, screws, clips. The rigid apron fasteners are even more resistant and have an anti-lifting function to secure your home by making it more difficult to force manual opening by criminals.

Change the backstage of a shutter yourself

The backstage, or rails, have the role of orienting the apron of your roller shutter. They also contribute to the absorption of the forces due to the wind and the use of the equipment.

The extruded aluminum slides are the most used to ensure the reliability of the shutter.

You can also purchase extruded PVC slides. This slide model is often used for PVC boxes incorporated into the window. Moreover, in the event of a breakdown, this type of slide is easy to Dto installwhich allows you to carry out its replacement yourself without having to resort to the help of a specialist.

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