Roof cleaning: everything you need to know

If you want to keep the roof of your house in good condition for a long time, we advise you to maintain it and have it demossed regularly. However, the particular nature of the roof requires that these cleaning tasks be carried out in compliance with certain rules, particularly in terms of safety and the products used. This should ideally be done by a professional roof cleaner.

Why have your roof moss removed?

When your roof is invaded by weeds, fungi and moss of all kinds, it loses its resistance to the sun over time, as well as to rain and wind. Over time, you will then notice leaks. Similarly, if you have a chimney, you will most likely see black spots due to soot, or even lichens. These are all signs that should alert you to the need to consider cleaning your roof. However, removing moss from a roof is not an easy task given the situation and the steepness of the slope. Moss removal must be done under certain safety conditions for the professional who is going to intervene, but also in order to retain thermal properties of the roof.

Roof Defoaming Techniques

How does roof moss removal work?

While it is true that you can do your own roof maintenance, we recommend that you hire a professional. roofing professional. He has a better knowledge of the work to be done and the standards to be respected, he has a better command of the products to use depending on coverage available to you and easily distinguishes between the most aggressive, the most polluting and the most corrosive. The professional is also better equipped to comply with the safety rules specific to working at height.

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In all cases, cleaning a roof requires the use of:

  • with a brush,
  • a high-pressure cleaner that will not damage the tiles,
  • fall arrest equipment,
  • anti-foam products suitable for the coating,
  • of water-repellent solution.

The brush is used to eliminate mosses and lichens present on your roof. The high-pressure cleaner is intended to remove stains and encrusted moss on your roof: it is particularly effective, provided however that it is used with care so as not to destroy or dislodge your tiles, slates, etc.

Anti-moss products are intended to prevent another appearance of mosses and lichens on your roof. They are applied by spraying and then benefit from rinsing for some. The water-repellent solution, on the other hand, is intended to prevent moisture and to fight against water infiltration on your roof. It must be applied in several layers using a brush or by spraying.

When to clean your roof?

The frequency of cleaning depends on the type of materials that make up your roof. The slope of the roof, as well as the climate will have to be taken into account, just like your immediate environment, that is to say the location of your roof in relation to the neighborhood. For a new construction, it is estimated to be able to wait between 7 and 10 years before considering a first cleaning. In the case of an old house, treatment every two years remains reasonable. In some cases, you can clean according to the seasons, the most important thing being to remain attentive to the first appearances of moss on the roof: they multiply very quickly.

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