Painting: why delegate to a pro?

More and more do-it-yourselfers and amateurs are embarking on painting their homes without really thinking. While this can be entertaining for some, keep in mind that professionals are the most skilled at painting. To avoid mistakes, minimize risk and benefit from the expertise of an expert, you should delegate this task to a licensed craftsman. The latter offers you many advantages, the most important of which is the quality of the results.

The importance of painting

Painting is a task that should not be taken lightly. It is decisive for the general appearance of your home. Bad painting takes a heavy toll on the ambiance of rooms as well as on interior or exterior decoration. She reduces the value of your home and makes it less user-friendly.

Whether it is in the context of the construction of a new house or the renovation of an apartment, painting from floor to ceiling, even if only in a room, requires the intervention of a professional. A beautiful painting enhances your home, embellishes it and creates a warm atmosphere. This is exactly what paint companies recognized for their reliability and expertise offer.

You should absolutely avoid embarking on this work if you do not have the necessary skills and the right equipment. Proper color matching is not the skill of the layman. However, it is essential to carry out the work in accordance with the rules of the art. In addition, if you want to do the painting in your home, you will need to make sure you have the time, the skills and energy required to work like a professional on time.

The prerogatives of an artisan painter

The painter is a versatile craftsman who performs many tasks according to the projects on which he works. He is generally called upon for:

  • paint walls, ceilings and decorative elements,
  • remove and treat paints,
  • decorate interiors,
  • remove and hang wallpaper.
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He works on different types of surfaces (in steel, plaster, iron, cement, plasterboard, wood…) and can make artistic drawings or decorations if it is a decorative painter or a house painter. He also masters the right techniques and the steps to be followed in order to succeed in his mission in accordance with the standards in force. In addition, he has professional equipment such as hot air guns, heat guns, brushes, colorimeter and anti-dust sheets that he uses depending on the type of intervention.

Entrust the painting of your home to a professional: what are the advantages ?

The main reason you need to hire a professional for painting work is because you benefit from their expertise. It is obvious that the work of a handyman cannot be compared to that of a skilled craftsman. The latter is a guarantee of quality which guarantees careful work with a top level finish. He knows the good quality products as well as the different types of paints available on the market. Depending on the project, he knows which ones to favor to obtain a high-end rendering. The artisan painter knows how to harmonize the colors to embellish the different rooms of the house while playing on their temperatures.

He also knows how to circumvent the risks of his profession and takes all the necessary precautions to optimize safety during work. It definitely allows you to save time, save your energy and get the results you want within the set deadlines. This professional represents a good advisor who will guide you in your choices in order to save you money without skimping on the quality of the products.

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By delegating the painting of your house to this craftsman, you will no longer need to acquire all the equipment necessary to carry out the work, because he provides you with his equipment and expertise. It also allows you to take advantage of numerous guarantees such as decennial insurance and liability insurance. You can also benefit from numerous aids such as subsidies from the ANAH, reduced rate VAT by entrusting your work to an RGE certified painter.

How to choose a professional craftsman?

It is not enough to entrust your painting work to some craftsman to benefit from a quality service. You must imperatively turn to a qualified painter. To make such a choice of professional, you must consider various criteria, including the number of years of experience. An experienced craftsman has had time to polish his art and prove himself. He has proven skills and represents a guarantee of quality. Now, how to recognize such painters?

Word of mouth remains a good way to find competent professionals. However, the internet is much more convenient and provides you with more data to help you choose a craftsman profile that meets your expectations. There are many painters there, especially on directories and networks of craftsmen. Some have their own websites with customer reviews. These comments represent for the Internet user a reference for judge skill level of these painters. However, not all of them are reliable, as they are often the result of marketing strategies.

That’s why we recommend that you turn to matchmaking platforms based on verified customer reviews. These intermediaries only offer artisans recognized for their know-how based on a system of reliable customer reviews. You will find qualified painters recommended by their collaborators. They are carefully and rigorously selected on the basis of their references, their financial health, their years of experience, their clients’ feedback and their know-how.

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It is also recommended to contact different craftsmen to obtain several quotes. You will be able to compare these and choose the most advantageous offer. Be careful though, because the cheapest offer isn’t always the best. This is why you must carefully check the details of the quotes to know the work covered and the proposed cost including tax. Also, be sure to choose a professional near you and check that they have taken out compulsory insurance.

Why avoid doing the painting work yourself?

It is not enough to cover the surfaces of the walls to achieve a good painting. It is necessary to respect the different stages and have the necessary equipment. The walls must be prepared, their surface smoothed and their imperfections corrected. Paints must also be prepared and many other processes must also be carried out.

Individuals (generally amateurs in the field) do not know all the rules and steps to follow to carry out the work in a professional manner. The result is an amateur work with an unattractive rendering. And for good reason, they are not qualified and do not know how to recognize poor quality products. You probably do not have the knowledge to properly prepare paints and the surfaces to be coated. If you start painting your premises without skills, you also risk choosing the wrong products.

Note also that it is not given to everyone to know how to harmoniously associate the colors to create a friendly environment or make a beautiful decoration. In addition, the work usually involves the use of trestles, scaffolding or ladders. You therefore needlessly expose yourself to the risk of accident by playing painter. These are all reasons why it is better to delegate painting work to a professional.

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