Ideas for designing a small bathroom

Small bathrooms can seem difficult to design and furnish at first glance. However, these spaces can present a smart design challenge. Every item in a small bathroom should serve a purpose and be functional in some way to create a space-saving sanctuary. Here are some ideas that will surely help you in this task.

Tips for an optimal layout of a small bathroom

Create shelves for storage

These shelves can be declined in colored storage ladders. You can store your towels and other related items there. Choose warm colors for more conviviality. Wooden crates can be stacked, drilled into the wall or placed on the floor for accessible storage.

Plan your palette

Keep in mind that painting a wall an accent color takes time. Use neutral colors to form the basic theme of your bathroom and keep it calm and aesthetically pleasing. To achieve this, choose a unifying color for the ceiling and walls. This will make unusual shapes disappear, and the space will visually expand. It reduces the number of transitions and intersecting planes, creating a cleaner and more expansive upper space in the room. You can also paint your mirror frame with a more accent color.

Use the same tiles on the floor and walls

A clever trick to make a small bathroom look bigger is to use the same tiles on the walls and the floor. It adds a touch of spa flair, but the continuity created by the tiles makes the room feel more spacious, as well as the pendant lights that keep the floor surface. For more personalization, you can easily combine your base shade with strong colors with your towels, your storage or your accessories.

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Use clear glass for your shower

Textured glass can make a space feel like it has an extra wall. You might be able to lighten up and have some privacy, although it does create a visual barrier in the room.

Bet on large mirrors

Nothing makes a bathroom look bigger than a mirror that reaches the ceiling. To increase the space, a large mirror with lighting installed on top, or hung in front of it, will double .this will also double the impact of the light. Avoid double mirrors placed side by side at the risk of widening the space.

Maximum natural light

Natural light in a master bathroom is always desirable. After all, nothing beats the feeling of stepping into a bathroom in the morning with bright sunshine. It should be noted that it also helps you with your makeup, because you will see its natural effect. For more privacy and natural light, cover a window with translucent or more dynamically tinted glass.

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