What are the advantages of converting a bathtub into a walk-in bathtub?

Do you love to take baths, but it becomes difficult to climb into the tub? What if you upgraded to a walk-in bathtub? As useful for people with reduced mobility as for seniors, the walk-in bathtub is the best way to enjoy your bath in complete safety.

What is a walk-in bathtub?

Does the concept appeal to you? However, it is indeed a bathtub with a door! This type of tub opens to the side so you don’t have to step over the wall to get in. It is an ideal solution for people with disabilities, but they are also recommended for the elderly or those with balance problems.

It is in fact safer to enter the tub using the door, rather than raising your leg, causing a loss of balance points. You should know that the walk-in bathtub is reinforced by foolproof sealing. A high-performance seal prevents water from coming out of the tub when filling it.

Why choose a walk-in bathtub rather than a traditional bathtub?

walk-in bathtubwalk-in bathtub

As we have just explained, the choice of a door model is especially recommended for weakened, disabled or seniors. She avoids finding herself in a complicated situation or falling while trying to get into the bathtub. It is also a better solution for children who are at risk of falling when stepping over the bathtub.

Moreover, with a walk-in bathtub, the water is drained more efficiently and quickly. Thus, no need to wait long minutes waiting for the water to disappear to get out. Walk-in tubs drain faster and you can leave them more safely.

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The low step height also prevents falling. This is very important for older people who have more difficulty estimating distances and heights of elements. And to avoid slipping inside the walk-in bathtub, the materials are non-slip. Thus, we lie down or sit down without any difficulty.

Adapt housing to specific needs

This is the essential step for people with reduced mobility, but also for seniors. With age, the loss of autonomy is a major risk. And the state of health can quickly decline when one becomes dependent. Installing a walk-in bathtub is synonymous with freedom and autonomy. The person is able to take his bath alone and does not need to call on a relative or a carer for his hygiene.

In order to further secure the environment, it is possible to add a grab bar so that the person benefits from a safe and stable support. It is also possible to opt for a walk-in bathtub model with armrests or with a folding seat or not. This type of ergonomic seat promotes a pleasant and comfortable position while taking a bath. And to bring optimal well-being to this hygiene ritual, choose a walk-in bathtub with balneotherapy function. The jets of water or air massage the parts of the body and activate blood circulation!

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