Videotelephony: the criteria for optimal security

Moving around or leaning out of the window every time someone rings the doorbell or gate can get tiresome over time, especially if you live in an apartment or on a large property. Fortunately, thanks to the videophone, it is possible to see who is ringing without signaling his presence to the visitor, in order to enter into direct contact with the latter and to grant him access or not. Safety, comfort, ease of use… so many good arguments that are attracting more and more people and leading them to equip their home or business with such a device. But what is a videophone? Why is this device so special? Why set it up? Decryption…

Videophone: what exactly are we talking about?

A videophone fits quite naturally as an evolution of the doorbells of yesteryear as well as the audio intercom. In addition to allowing visitors to manifest their presence and occupants to communicate with them, it comes with other much more interesting additional options, both in terms of security and comfort, to offer its users a complete service, even custom sometimes. Also known asvideo intercomthis videophone device combines video and telephony, thanks to two units, one of which is placed outside the house and the other inside.

The two units are:

  • Outdoor door station : installed outside, especially near the entrance on the street side, this outdoor station allows the visitor to notify his presence using a bell and to communicate with the owner of the house or the apartment. This item has a small camera which only activates when someone rings the bell and which, depending on the model, can provide night vision. It is possible to install them at each access point to your home: gate, gate, etc.
  • Monitor : installed inside the house and equipped with a control screen, touchscreen or not, in color or black and white, it is this element that allows the occupant to see who is in front of the lens door station and to converse with the visitor without having to make the slightest move. Depending on the model, it is possible to remotely control a motorized gate and/or a door fitted with a lock with an electric strike from this indoor station. It is also possible to install several monitors within your home.
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We can thus consider a videophone as being an intercom with a surveillance camera. In addition, a video intercom can embed different types of devices allowing rigorous control and security of access. Some integrate a digicode box allowing all those to whom a secret code is communicated to access their home or business, others allow identification and access control by digital print. You can also opt for videophones equipped with a RFID tags (Radio-Frequency Identification), which are often used in residential buildings and favored by businesses. Their particularity thus lies in the fact that they make it possible to restrict access to a building to all those who are holders of an RFID badge.

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The different types of videophone devices

A videophone system can be wired Where wireless. In the first case, the connection between the roadside panel and the monitor is made via connection cables. Most corded models can operate up to 100m. Beyond that, the transmitted signal deteriorates, and the sound as well as the video lose quality. In any case, the electrical connection of the two units that make up the wired videophone must be made using a 0.75 mm² cable for a distance of 0 to 50 m. If the distance goes from 50 to 100 m, the use of a thicker cable of 1 mm² is necessary.

In the second case, the connection between the indoor station and the one installed outside does not require any connection cabling, since it is done by radio wavein particular on a 2.4 GHz frequency. A wireless device offers an average range of 300 m in an open field. Adding a remote electronic box is sometimes necessary to prevent a pillar, a wall or any other obstacle from blocking or altering the connection between the monitor and the door station.

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The videophone is also available in a connected version known as wifi video door phone Where connected video door entryin which case it incorporates a mobile app allowing remote control of the monitor installed inside the house with a smart phone connected. So when someone rings the doorbell with a connected videophone, you can see the visitor and converse with him from his smartphone, wherever you are: at home, on vacation, at work… In other words, a connected video door entry system allows its owner to know in real time and in one click the state of his residence or his business, as well as all the people who go there during his absence. Note that this technological marvel can be wired or wireless.

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The good reasons to equip yourself with a videophone

One of the main advantages of the videophone is that it comes in a multitude of models so as to be able to adapt to all the needs and equip almost all buildings.

A videophone can equip any type of building

It can be set up in both small and large buildings, whether these consist of offices or housing. Used in buildings, this device offers a visitor to converse directly with the occupants of the targeted apartment. A videophone system can also equip the offices and business premises to considerably facilitate the daily life of receptionists and reception services.

By inviting themselves into the private residences, it allows occupants to control all accesses in the best possible conditions. In any case, if a videophone device generally meets global specifications, it is possible to customize it with specific functions.

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Control access to your home or business

Regardless of the type of building equipped, the video intercom allows the occupant to see directly who he is dealing with before answering the call, without having to indicate his presence. He then has the choice to authorize access to the visitor or not. And since a videophone can be easily installed and operated with motorized gates, both swinging and sliding, or with doors fitted with an electric lock, it obviously makes it possible toremotely activate the opening of these as soon as the identity of the visitor is confirmed. This option is all the more interesting when you live in a building or in a large property, since thanks to it, you no longer bother to go down and show the stairs each time someone rings.

By investing in a videophone, an occupant can also find out who called on him during his absence, and at what time. The reason is that a videophone allows therecording on a memory card photos, videos or even voicemails from those who tried to contact him while he was not at home. Some connected models can even forward the call to their smartphone, which of course allows them to verify the identity of the caller and grant them remote access if necessary.

A person living in an area where burglaries are common can make the most of a videophone system to analyze possible suspicious behavior, for example, burglars who tend to ring regularly to check what times the house is empty.

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