What color for a bedroom?

In a house, there are renovation works that do not require the intervention of a professional. As long as you are a bit of a handyman, anyone can change the paint in a room. But beyond the practical side of the construction site, there is also a whole reflection to be carried out on the choice of color.

In a bedroom, not all colors are suitable. Indeed, some are more suitable than others for rest. So, what color in a bedroom? Follow our decoration advice to find sleep, enlarge a room or lighten it up. And also discover which colors are the most suitable in an attic room.

What color for a bedroom to find sleep?

First, in a bedroom, it is recommended to opt for soft and soothing shades. With this in mind, it is better to abandon dynamic and stimulating shades such as orange or red. Conversely, neutral colors such as gray, beige, taupe or ecru are ideal.

Then there are two shades in particular that are known to bring serenity and well-being to a sleeping area. These are blue (pastel, dark, indigo, duck…) as well as green (sage, forest…).

What paint in a small bedroom?

If your bedroom has a small surface area, it is better to opt for a choice of paint accordingly.

Avoid too dark tones that give an impression of confinement. On the other hand, favor light colors that are suitable for all spaces. Among them, taupe, grey, white, ecru, lilac, pastel pink…

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In addition, if you choose to paint a section of the wall, these shades are suitable with the 3+1 technique. In addition, in combination with white, these colors make it possible to visually enlarge the space.

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What color in a dark room?

In the case of a bedroom that lacks natural light, the choice of paint should be considered. If the room is served by a corridor, the trick is to paint the corridor in a dark color. This will brighten up your dark room by making it look light. It is then a question of playing on the contrasts so that the illusion is perfect.

Then, to the question « what color in a bedroom that is too dark », you can answer it with a total white look. However, you risk making the room sanitized, with a “hospital corridor” impression.

Finally, to give an impression of clarity, it is fashionable to opt for pastel shades (blue, pink, etc.) in a Scandinavian spirit, for example.

Which green to adopt for a bedroom?

Green, like blue, is a particularly suitable color for a bedroom. Indeed, the nuance soothes. It is therefore perfect for relaxing and getting to sleep.

On the other hand, green is an interesting tone in interior decoration since it can take on various palettes. There isn’t just one color for a bedroom. Depending on your desires and your tastes, you can absolutely opt for a particular shade of green.

Trendy, sage green will find its place on the walls of a bedroom, whether in total look or on a single side. In any case, the color will bring softness and serenity to the sleeping area, while giving it character.

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Thus, sage green can take the form of a monochrome to play with the tropical atmosphere. (urban jungle). However, to keep the room breathing, nuance the mood with light touches (linen bed linen, for example).

Green also goes well with other colors such as dark gray blue, white or pale pink. This makes it easy to vary the wabi-sabi decor, provided that the whole thing is combined with raw materials such as wood. Perfect in a clean style. As for the marriage of green with pale pink, it helps to give the room a romantic atmosphere, a little « flower of the fields ».

What color for an attic bedroom?

Before answering the question « what color for a bedroom », we must study the architecture of the room. In an attic room, it is necessary to take into account the space as well as the place occupied by the architectural style (beam, for example). The choice of paint will also depend on the style of opening. Does the attic room have large windows or a simple opening through the velux-style roof?

Painting an attic bedroom can then seem complicated for those who know nothing about interior decoration. Indeed, in the case of a room under the roof, the decoration of the walls depends on several factors already mentioned.

The first solution is to paint the back wall, where the bed will logically find its place, in a darker color than the rest of the room. Opt for example for parma or dark green.

And conversely, the second solution is to soften the room by completely repainting it in a soft and soothing color. It is then enough to repaint the bedroom entirely in pastel tones, white…

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And to make the attic bedroom as spacious as possible, the idea is to paint the architectural elements in the same shade. The white painted beams will then bring contemporaneity to the whole, while highlighting the architecture of the place.

Should a single wall be painted in a bedroom?

This is a great decorative trend, to paint a section of the wall in a different color than the rest of the room.

First, it should be known that it is preferable to paint a bedroom in a maximum of two colors to avoid streaking and lack of taste. With the 3+1 rule, the whole remains harmonious. This precept is to paint a section of wall in one color and the other three walls in a lighter shade.

However, it is still entirely possible to repaint a bedroom in the same color, in its entirety. If you have an office or dressing area, you can also delimit the space with another color.

Finally, the rule 80% of one color, 15% of another and 5% of a last color remains applicable, provided you know how to marry the colors together. Moreover, this precept does not only apply to wall covering, but to interior decoration in general.

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