Ideal wallpaper for the kitchen: things to consider

Is it possible to create a kitchen where even doing the dishes becomes a real pleasure? Although it sounds incredible, it is. The key to such success remains in the choice of decorations and your equipment. These are the essential elements to create a kitchen where you will feel comfortable. We asked an interior design expert from Myloview about his preferences in the matter and his answer focused mainly on wall decorations. Let’s hear what he has to say about it:

Many of us may still be apprehensive about choosing kitchen wallpaper as a decorative wall solution. The kitchen is a room where difficult conditions prevail, so it is easier to imagine tiling rather than strips of paper with patterns. In the market, you will find not only wallpapers, which are neither water-resistant nor smudge-proof, but also decorations made from resistant and high-quality materials ready to meet your greatest challenges. Laminated wallpaper, i.e. covered with a special protective layer, is a perfect example. Its benefits will surely enchant you!

The practical aspects above all

When decorating your living room or bedroom, you can focus on the aesthetic aspect. However, when tackling the decoration of the kitchen, the conditions prevailing in this room must be taken into account. You don’t have to be an eminent cook to know that in everyday cooking, it’s very easy to get dirty. Splashes of oil from the pan, a little spilled coffee, or even a blueberry cocktail spilling out of the blender – this is what will end up, sooner or later, on your walls. And if you have children, the risk of soiling increases inversely with their size. So what are the characteristics of washable kitchen wallpaper? Thanks to this solution, your kitchen will still be beautiful, even after many years. How can we be so sure? Simply because a laminated protective layer will protect your model against all possible damage. Even the most stubborn stains can be cleaned with a kitchen sponge and a mild detergent. It is therefore an excellent decorative shape to use even near the sink or to adorn the space left between your worktop and your hanging cupboards.

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An ideal eco solution for you and the environment

Ecology is a very popular trend today, but I would like this trend to remain forever in the world of interior design, because taking care of our planet should be a priority for all of us. – tells us the expert of In this sense, when thinking about the decoration as well as the furnishing of your kitchen, we advise you to choose solutions that respect the environment. So prefer recycled furniture and those made from natural materials, wooden cutting boards instead of plastic ones, jute mats under your table instead of synthetic solutions. In evoking such proposals, it is impossible to omit wallpapers, because they too can be respectful of the environment.

It all depends on the printing technique used. If not only the well-being of our planet, but also our health is important to you, before buying, check if the wall decoration has the appropriate certifications and if it was made using latex printing, as are our products. This technology replaces harmful solvents with pure water so that the decoration is not toxic to you, and in the future, when you decide to change the decoration, it will not contaminate the environment. – this is what the Myloview expert explained to us.

Since you already know what type of wallpaper to choose to take advantage of a resistant and also environmentally friendly solution, let’s now focus on the trends dominating the world of interior decoration. In the introduction, we confirmed that it is possible to create an atmosphere in which doing the dishes will become a real pleasure, the time has come to prove it to you!

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Colors as effective as your morning coffee

fruit color kitchen wallpaper

If you appreciate interesting interior decorations, the spectacular play that colors can offer is a proposal that will surely delight you. Fashion for a specific model comes and goes, but a successful color scheme will always look great. You can take inspiration from the colors of what you find naturally in a kitchen, namely those of fruits and vegetables. Red apples, purple grapes, orange carrots or green broccoli will brighten up your kitchen by contrasting the hue of your furniture. Nothing beats the contrast formed by photos of juicy citrus fruits and blue kitchen cabinet fronts. The fruit pattern may be the only decorative dominant in the room, it will be more than enough to make your decor pleasing to the eye.

A fashionable sunny accent straight from Italy

The impressive fashion trend that I now want to tell you about comes to us directly from Italy. It’s all about the terazzo, which disappeared from the interior design world for many years and is now making a comeback. What type of decor will this kitchen wallpaper imitating this material suit? A modern kitchen would be the ideal place. Try to opt for a distinct pattern that will become the main decorative element of the room. A composition with large colored spots, reminiscent of fragments of various stones, will enliven even the most discreet of spaces. If you dare this choice, take one more step. – What did the Myloview specialist suggest to us? – Place a large plant on the ground in a concrete pot, which will allow you to enjoy a natural accent in your home. Exotic species are very popular, but you can also bet on your favorite species. Accompany this decoration with colorful cutlery and equipment – even a simple kettle or a frying pan and their original colors will be able to surprise you. You won’t need anything else to make an ordinary kitchen stylish.

A surprising pink version

pink wallpaper for a modern kitchen

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For many of us, pink remains a color that is above all suitable for decorating a girl’s room. It is also associated with fairies, unicorns and ballet dancers. However, we would like to go beyond these assumptions and introduce you to the many other surprising faces of this color. It all depends on the shade you choose and the decorative form in which you will introduce it into your rooms. If you are offered to paint a wall pink, you are unlikely to be enthusiastic. What if you were offered an elegant wallpaper with a retro pattern in a powder pink version? The end effect would be completely different. For such a pattern to become really special, we advise you to introduce it into a modern and minimalist decor so that you can enjoy the contrast of two completely different aesthetics. Contrast is a perfect way to liven up your home decor.

A well-equipped kitchen should not only be aesthetic, but it should also be functional. Both beautiful and practical, here is the key to success. By choosing resistant wallpapers adorned with interesting patterns and choosing ecological solutions, you can create an ideal atmosphere to enjoy your breakfast, to cook for your family and loved ones, and even to do the dishes!

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