The different protections for access to a building

Securing access to a building is a real headache when many people have to go through the entrance, to access commercial or professional premises. There are several modes of protection to manage passage through a building, but not all of them are equally effective. Before selecting the entry protection system for your home, do not hesitate to compare the different offers available to you.

Magnetic badges

In recent years, we have seen the appearance of magnetic badges in the form of a small key ring containing an electronic system at its heart. It suffices to approach the magnetic badge to a reader device which transmits the request to an electronic control unit. The latter carries out a verification in a fraction of a second, in order to verify that the person is indeed authorized to enter.

No risk of a code being leaked, and if the RFID tag is lost or stolen, it can be deactivated. If you need more badges, it is possible to copy a building badge securely. You can keep twice a building beep to entrust to your children or a loved one.

VIGIK badges

Magnetic badges can also be borrowed by malicious people or distributed to service providers whose stakeholders are not always known. It is for this reason that the Vigik magnetic badge was developed. Much more than a simple magnetic badge, it is an effective way to protect access to your building while keeping an electronic record of entries and exits.

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The Vigik badge can be configured to authorize entry into the building according to predefined time slots. This type of badge is already used by La Poste, EDF or GDF in many cities. The employee must load his badge before leaving the company, the electronic control unit checks that the person shows up at the right time and assures him of the authorization to enter the building. It also records the date and time of each request to open the door. The badge automatically deactivates when the mission ends.

The Vigik system is used by service provider companies, but also by building residents, thanks to permanent and customizable badges. It is also possible to duplicate a Vigik badge using the Scanbadge Android application: simply download the application to reproduce a badge simply by placing it on the back of your smartphone. The application will collect the information related to your Vigik badge and suggest that you order a new one.

The badges Vigik protects private buildings as well as garages, access to a swimming pool or to sensitive professional rooms.

Coded doormen

They are also called electronic gatekeepers. This involves installing a keypad on the front of the building or on the door, in order to trigger its opening by entering the appropriate code. This system is very easy to install, the electric strike is used to replace the lock with mechanical opening.

On the other hand, the main concern with this security system is that the code is easily leaked friends of the occupants, a sushi delivery person or even service providers who need to be able to enter the buildings, such as the cleaning service. The code must then be changed regularly, but this task can be very tedious and cause many communication problems: think about giving the new code to each owner/tenant, but also to service providers, then start again some time later.

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Deter intruders and burglars

To reduce the risk of malicious acts, it is important to show that your building is under surveillance and that it is not easy to break into it.


By choosing to place your building under video surveillance, you also greatly reduce intrusions by malicious persons. It is difficult to act quickly to enter a building that is subject to video surveillance.

There are a wide variety of video surveillance systems: you can find high definition cameras in order to guarantee the use of the images in the event of burglary or aggression. If you wish, video surveillance can also act during the night, even in the dark thanks to infrared. The images are saved on an external hard drive and can be viewed later.

On the other hand, to be able to use video surveillance in your building, the cameras must point only towards common places and not be directed to the door from an apartment to a balcony or terrace.

protect a building

The video intercom

The video intercom is a good way to check who comes to the entrance of the building and to see that it is indeed the person they say they are. You no longer let people in at the mere ring of the doorbell.

With the video intercom, you receive a very clear image and can chat with the person to find out the reason for their visit. It is also a good method to prevent sales pitchers from entering the building and bothering you. When you are certain that the person presenting himself is the right one, you remotely trigger the electronic strike in order to open the door without having to go down to the entrance hall.

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A few tips to avoid the risk of burglary

To avoid intrusions or burglary attempts:

  • be discreet about the code or the possibility of reproducing a building badge
  • make sure the door closes properly when entering and exiting
  • wait until the door is completely closed before leaving, as a person may slip into the building before the door is completely closed
  • if you opt for a doorphone with code, change the code at least every 3 or 4 months
  • reinforce your building door with a minimum 3-point protection system
  • opt for a reinforced building door so that it cannot be broken easily
  • select locks certified by the A2P standard, which guarantees protection equipment against intrusion.

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