Where and how to make the declaration of loss of driving license?

Lost your driver’s license? This is unfortunate because it is a precious sesame to drive his vehicle in compliance with the law. In the event of a lost permit, there are steps to take. Find out how to declare the loss of the driver’s license. Where do I go to report a lost licence? Also follow all our advice for redoing a permit, i.e. a duplicate.

When do you need to get a new driver’s license?

The valid reasons

There are three scenarios that require you to redo your driving licence:

  • this one is lost;
  • it was stolen ;
  • or destroyed (illegible after being soaked in water, burned, etc.).

Note that only these three reasons remain valid for requesting a new driving license from the administration. Indeed, a change of address following a move does not require a duplicate. The new driving licenses no longer mention the postal address of the holder. Wanting to make a duplicate driving license is therefore useless in this case.

On the other hand, the names that now appear on new driving licenses are necessarily those of birth. In the event of a change in the family name (following a marriage, for example), there is no need to renew a driving licence.

The reform on the renewal of driving licenses

On the other hand, the French may wonder whether to renew their driving license with the 2013 reform. Now with the new law, driving licenses must be renewed every 15 years for category A and B licenses and every 5 years for categories C and D.

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This is a purely administrative operation (no need to re-code, don’t worry!). This allows the driver’s license holder’s information and photo ID to be updated.

Also note that category C and D permits must undergo a medical examination at each renewal (every 5 years). And if the doctor considers that you are no longer able to drive your vehicle, he will refuse to issue your new licence. Therefore, the renewal cannot take place.

What to do in case of loss of driving license?

Can’t get your license back? If you have lost your driver’s license, you must file a declaration of loss. This must be done at the driving license service in your home. In addition, it is the same counter that is responsible for managing duplicate requests.

To make a declaration of loss of driving license, you must therefore go either to the town hall, or to the sub-prefecture, or to the prefecture. It depends on where you live. The administration will issue you a certificate proving that your license has been lost. It will then be a pass if you are arrested, the time to obtain the duplicate.

However, note that the declaration can be downloaded from the Internet and sent by mail. It is therefore not compulsory to move.

What should I do if my driver’s license is stolen?

If it is not really a loss but a theft of a driving licence, the procedures are different. Indeed, in case of theft, it is necessary to go to the police station or the gendarmerie. And this, in order to establish a declaration of theft.

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Then, you will have to make a request for a duplicate to the administration, as if it were a loss. However, you will be asked for the certificate proving that your official document has been stolen.

In case of theft of the driver’s license, this certificate will be invaluable to you. It is no longer issued by the gendarmerie and police stations, but by the administration (prefecture, sub-prefecture or town hall).

On the other hand, the police or gendarmes will issue you a receipt which will act as a driving license until you obtain the duplicate.

Loss of driver’s license, the steps to make a new one

Driving license duplicate, What is that ?

Renewing your driving license means asking the administration for a duplicate license. It is a copy, a replica, a reproduction, a duplicate of the document. The duplicate replaces the original, then unavailable (lost, stolen, damaged).

But beware, this duplicate is not a fake licence. It performs the same functions as the original driver’s license. You can therefore drive with it completely legally, without fear of having to pay a fine.

Note that new driver’s licenses issued (including duplicates) are in the form of a credit card. It’s a new secure format, far from the pink permit!

The formalities for obtaining a new driving license

To renew your driving license following a loss, you must create a duplicate application file. The file should be sent (at the counter or by post) to the prefecture, sub-prefecture or town hall of your place of residence.

The list of supporting documents to be provided

To renew your driving license, you must send the administration several documents:

  • the Cerfa form n°14882*01 completed and signed;
  • the Cerfa form n°14948*01 completed and signed;
  • photocopy of an identity document (identity card or passport);
  • a valid residence permit, only for foreigners;
  • the receipt of the certificate in the event of loss (or theft);
  • a photocopy of the driving license if it has been damaged;
  • a photocopy of proof of address;
  • two approved passport photos;
  • a tax stamp of 25 euros in the event of loss (or theft) of the permit;
  • and the amount of the regional tax, if applicable.
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To know : if the procedure is carried out at the counter of the town hall or the prefecture rather than by post, the administration will also ask you for the originals.

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Driver’s license lost: how much does a new license cost?

To redo your driving license, you have to pay the price of the tax stamp. Its amount is 25 euros.

Also count a regional tax in certain regions of France (Corsica, Limousin, Poitou-Charentes, Martinique, Guyana and Reunion). The price of this tax varies between 25 and 69 euros.

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