The 8 most frequently asked questions about driver drills

Essential tools in the handyman’s case, the drill and the screwdriver allow you to carry out everyday work, but also larger projects. In order to avoid double purchase, we will gladly turn to the 2 in 1 tool: the screwdriver drill. Not sure which model to choose from the wide range on the market? To help you, below are the answers to the 8 most frequently asked questions about screwdriver drills and their use.

Question 1: Which brand of cordless drill to choose?

The screwdriver drill will allow you, among other things, to easily mount a piece of furniture or hang a wall frame. All DIY stores, physical or online, offer them. To be sure of making the right purchase, precisely define your needs in order to turn to the most suitable drill driver.

The DIY market giants like Bosch or Makita will obviously be safe bets, but be aware that emerging brands, like Teccpo, also offer reliable products with excellent value for money.

Question 2: How to adjust the torque of a drill driver?

This is the first adjustment to be made before using your drill driver. You can establish the power of clamping thanks to the ring placed on the tool. In general, the drilling feature will be placed on one side and the screwing feature on its end.

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If you have to screw, you will need adjust the tightening torque on the lowest function, even if it increases during screwing if the support turns out to be harder than expected. For drilling, it will be on the highest function that you will have to adjust your tightening torque.

Screwdriver drill

Question 3: what is the difference between the percussion version and the classic model?

The classic screwdriver drill

It’s’versatile power tool essential for all DIY work on soft materials. Easy to use and affordable, it will be useful for drilling holes of different sizes and for screwing all types of parts without having to change tools. It will work thanks to a chuck placed at its head.

The hammer drill

The term percussion defines the fact that the drill will combine rotational and impact speed. It will not be equipped with a chuck unlike the classic model, but with a hexagonal collet. This type of tool will be used on hard materials such as stone, brick or concrete. Be careful though, it is not a perforator.

Question 4: which chuck to choose for your drill driver?

The metal tip in which the different bits or drill bits are fixed is called chuck. There are two types of chucks: the classic model which must be tightened using a chuck key, or self-tightening chuck which will automatically adapt to the accessory, which will save you time with each change. The dimensions range from 10 to 13 mm depending on the model.

Question 5: which torque to choose for a screwdriver drill?

The pair represent the power that will be exercised when drilling or screwing. Its power is expressed in Nm and it is more or less important depending on the screwdriver drill models.

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The torque ring generally has 18 to 24 positions which make it possible to work on various supports according to their hardness. You will have the choice between a clamping force of 80 Nm for the corded drills and 65 Nm for cordless models.

Question 6: how do you remove the chuck from a drill driver?

Before removing the chuck of your drill driverwe advise you to consult the manufacturer’s instructions, because depending on the brand, the process may be slightly different.

As a general rule, you will need to start by removing the screw that is inside the chuck using a screwdriver. Then unscrew the chuck by turning clockwise with an Allen key. Create a shock by tapping the Allen key with a mallet to remove chuck.

Question 7: which screwdriver drill to choose to make a wooden deck?

If you plan to build a wooden terrace, the use of several portable electrical devices will be mandatory. In this sense, the screwdriver drill will allow you to pre-drill the wooden slats of your terrace and then screw them onto the structure.

We advise you touse a cordless drill driver for this type of work. This will give you more freedom of action. Wood being a flexible material, a cordless tool will be sufficient and more manageable.

Question 8: what are the best cordless drills?

First of all, it must be taken into consideration cordless drill battery. There are three types: Li-ion, which is undoubtedly the most efficient, Ni-Mh and Ni-Cd.

The charger must be fast enough so that you are not interrupted during the construction site. To work effectively, it is best to run constantly with two batteries.

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here is the top 3 models of cordless drills the most sold according to the comparison of the best screwdriver drills on the outillage de pro site:

  • Makita and its DDF453SFE 18 V model.
  • Hikoki (formerly Hitachi) and its KC18DJLF screwdriver drill.
  • Bosch and his GSB 18 tool.

Thanks to these indications, you now have the cards in hand to find the screwdriver drill model adapted to your needs, and use it optimally.

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