Pay less for your home insurance: our advice

In order to choose the right home insurance, good preparation using a home insurance comparator makes it easier to compare several quotes provided by various insurers, and allows you to make an informed decision. These efforts can save up to 40% on premium payments.

The price of the premiums is not the only criterion

Of course, the price of the premiums is important in the choice of home insurance. However, there are other elements to consider, such as guarantees and services provided in the event of a claim.

GUARANTEES : home insurance contracts include guarantees, such as civil liability, vandalism, theft, fire, natural disaster, glass breakage, storm, etc. While some warranties are specific, others are optional. The latter are adapted to specific needs, such as a swimming pool, a wine cellar, etc.

SERVICES : A disaster can be a potentially catastrophic situation to go through. The services provided by the insurer in the event of a claim make life easier, such as rehousing when the home is no longer habitable. It can also be financial aid for the purchase of basic necessities, or repair services carried out by service providers.

FRANCHISEES : Pay particular attention to franchises. Inexpensive home insurance rates can hide high deductibles.

Warranties of obsolescence vs replacement value

An element that should not be overlooked concerns the rule applied by the insurer for the valuation of movable property when a claim occurs. The insurer relies on this rule to calculate the amount of reimbursement. There may be two parameters: obsolescence and reimbursement of replacement value.

OLD : The insurer who applies a guarantee of « dilapidation » of the goods, that is to say which evaluates their seniority, calculates the amount of the reimbursement according to the age of an object on the day of the loss. A compensatory indemnity compensates for the loss of value generated by the application of obsolescence, which is expressed as a percentage. Pay attention to this percentage. The higher it is, it means you will get a bigger refund.

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NEW VALUE : In the case of a reimbursement of « new value », obsolescence is not applicable. However, be careful because insurers tend to formulate their own definition. Several home insurance contracts even limit the application of the replacement value guarantee only to recent furniture.

KEEP INVOICES – By getting into the habit of regularly keeping the purchase invoices for your movable property, you will have the exact supporting evidence to provide to your insurer in the event of a claim. You can digitize them keeping these files in the Cloud (which does not risk burning or water damage!). For example, by filing them in a system such as Dropbox, you will only have to share access to the files concerned with the insurer in order to facilitate the reimbursement process.

Compare home insurance

Canvassing insurance companies to request quotes is a time-consuming task. This tedious door-to-door can be avoided by having recourse to a home insurance comparator, which will carry out the call for tenders for you and then submit suggestions corresponding to your specific needs.

The comparator and the insurer will ask you for several pieces of information:

PROPERTY ESTIMATE – First of all, you will need to make an estimate of your movable property. This includes all the contents of your residence, such as furniture, appliances, high-tech devices, jewelry, artwork, clothing, tools, sports equipment, etc. The amount of premiums for home insurance naturally increases according to the value of the movable capital.

STATUS : The comparator will ask you about your status regarding the home to be insured (if you are the owner or tenant). The surface area of ​​the dwelling and the number of rooms influence the amount of the premiums. Provide an honest answer, since in the event of a claim, compensation will be established according to your statement.

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BASIC GUARANTEES : The home insurance comparison is based on three types of essential guarantees, namely the rental risk, the multi-risk and the recourse of neighbors and third parties. The “rental risk” guarantee consists of the only compulsory guarantee. In the event of an explosion, fire or water damage, it compensates an owner. As for the « comprehensive home » guarantee, it protects property. Damage incurred to neighbors (by an object belonging to the insured or placed in his care, such as a fire started in your home which would spread to the residence of a neighbour), is covered by the guarantee called « remedies neighbors and third parties.

In conclusion

Although the price is generally the very first element to which people pay attention when comparing home insurance, there are several other important parameters to carefully analyze before placing your signature at the bottom of an insurance contract. dwelling.

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