Should I take out travel insurance?

When you go on vacation abroad, the question of travel insurance arises. Is it really worth taking one? Indeed, it is an additional item of expenditure. To help you see more clearly, discover our article on the usefulness of travel insurance. And follow our advice to choose cover that will reimburse you correctly in the event of a problem (illness, car accident, incident, loss or theft of identity papers, etc.).

Is it compulsory to take out travel insurance before going abroad?

First, you should know that travel insurance remains an optional service. You are therefore not obliged to take out one with an insurer or a tour operator. However, for a departure abroad, it is strongly recommended to take out travel insurance.

In the event of an incident (car accident, loss or theft of your identity papers, medical repatriation, etc.), the guarantees provided by traditional insurance policies do not operate in the same way as in France. Therefore, it is better to cover yourself well for an international trip. This avoids many disappointments. And unfortunately, on vacation or on a business trip, you are not immune to a problem.

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What is the use of travel insurance?

Travel insurance contains a set of guarantees, the main ones being:

  • compensation for medical expenses and hospitalization abroad;
  • civil liability cover abroad;
  • repatriation assistance.
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All these guarantees make it possible to deal with all types of unforeseen events: accident, illness, loss or theft, repatriation, etc. Travel insurance also offers several assistance services if necessary. Among them, the sending of medicines to the foreign country, help in the event of theft of identity papers, legal assistance, etc.

Should I take out travel insurance with my tour operator?

Whether you book your vacation directly in travel agencies or online, on the organization’s website, the tour operator will offer you group travel insurance, leaving you the choice of the formula: either trip cancellation insurance only and/or multi-risk insurance covering the insured before and during the trip abroad.

For the tour operator, this is an obligation. Indeed, the organization is required to offer you cover for your international holidays.

But on your side, you have no obligation to take out travel insurance with your agency. You can absolutely take out cover with another insurance company than the tour operator’s partner.

By choosing the travel insurance offered by your agency, you simplify the process. The subscription can be made at the same time as the reservation of the holidays. And you only pay one overall price.

On the other hand, the major disadvantage is that you will not benefit from a personalized travel insurance contract. Indeed, the tour operator offers the same guarantees to all travelers.

Questions to ask yourself before buying travel insurance

If you are worried about spending money for nothing, first ask yourself the right questions about whether or not travel insurance is useful. There are various guarantees on the market, one of which may be totally adapted to your profile. You are not obliged to take out a contract with all available guarantees. Select the services that meet your needs via a tailor-made contract.

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Among the questions to ask:

  • which foreign country are you going to?
  • for how long (more or less than three months)?
  • for what purpose do you travel (for work, on vacation, etc.)?
  • what guarantees would be really useful to you (trip cancellation, extreme sports, etc.)?
  • what maximum budget do you have for your insurance contract?

What is the cheapest insurer for travel insurance?

The price of travel insurance can represent a barrier to subscription. But the tariff should not prevent you from subscribing to an insurance. In the event of a problem in the foreign country, you will be happy to be able to count on assistance (sending of medicine, help in the event of loss of papers, medical repatriation, etc.).

Especially since to pay less, there are some tricks. First, consult your usual insurer. It can offer you travel insurance at the best price if you are a long-time customer. And by grouping your contracts with the same insurer, you simplify the management of the different insurances.

But don’t limit yourself to your usual insurance company. Also turn to the competition by comparing quotes. Another insurer may offer you a very interesting offer if they wish to have you as a client.

In any case, keep in mind not to necessarily favor one insurer to the detriment of another. It is better to compare contracts with equal coverage to pay less.

Finally, it is necessary to take into account certain criteria before making a final choice. See the availability of support teams, the ease of use of the personal online space, the simplicity of the procedures for declaring a claim, etc.

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To note : to save time and money, you can also use a free online comparator.

Is it cheaper to buy travel insurance on the Internet?

Choosing travel insurance online is an economical solution. Indeed, by signing an insurance contract in a dematerialized way, you save yourself the management costs as well as the intermediation commissions.

On the other hand, this is a good trick to save time. You do not need to go to an agency. From your home and from any digital medium (computer, tablet, etc.), you can take out a travel insurance contract.

Today, all insurance companies offer online travel insurance. Indeed, all insurers now have an online presence to simplify procedures for their customers.

And since the Internet, it is relatively easy to obtain several quotes online. This makes it very easy to compare offers. Moreover, insurers and online brokers offer free tools to compare contracts. These are comparators. You enter a certain amount of information via an online form. Then, you get personalized quotes based on your profile and your needs. You finally have the possibility of taking out the contract that interests you on the Internet, in a few clicks.

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