Aries Decans: Dates and Differences

Aries is a star sign for March and a star sign for April. Find out which decan of the sign of Aries you belong to.

Aries 1st decan: March 21 to 30

Mars rules the Aries of the first decan and makes them impulsive by nature. This planet is associated with a surplus of energy which can lead to quarrels, fights, arguments and clashes. The best way is to control his words and his temper. You are more likely to be arrogant, self-centered, dominating and have self-confidence unshakable. You will use your energy level in the right way to get favorable results. No one can control you and you oppose those who try to tame you. You are unpredictable and your mood changes often.

Natives born under the influence are bold and pioneering in their fields. They are good initiators, however, they tend to be impulsive and impatient too. You always want to be a winner in all races and all endeavors. You are fine determined and you have well-defined ethical and moral values ​​to follow. It’s hard to change your mind once you’ve decided to do something. You are proactive and achieve life and career goals relentlessly. You are intimate in nature and have a strong sense of humor. You build strong and lasting relationships. You need the freedom to express your feelings and hate having someone control them.

Aries 2nd decan: from March 31 to April 3

The sun rules this decan and fuels its creativity. You are lucky to be born in this decan because the sun endows you with constructive and creative abilities. These qualities guide your life. You are ambitious, benevolent, idealistic, hardworking and a born leader. You have immense potential and at the same time a bold, optimistic and dynamic approach. You tend to work tirelessly by drawing on your strengths. You have a good sense of humor, you seek attention and you enjoy being in the spotlight.
The heat of the Sun makes you proud, energetic and passionate. The Sun’s energy helps you shine above all else. You prefer your life to be balanced. To have fun in life, you sometimes sacrifice important things. You are a good speaker and show a lot of charisma and imagination. You are from protective and possessive nature. You will overprotect your partner and loved ones.

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Aries 3rd decan: April 10 to 19

Jupiter rules this decan and brings the intellect of the sign of Sagittarius. You are intuitive, generous, creative and flexible. Thanks to this flexible mind, you tend to be more imaginative than others. You are determined and focused. You use these qualities to achieve new and higher goals. You enjoy the company of others and you admire learning and gaining knowledge. You are inclined to appreciate the finer things in life. You are trustworthy and take on all responsibilities efficiently. You are enthusiastic, energetic and lively. You love freedom and work with unique creativity. You control your destiny and give up everything to achieve desired goals.

Natives born under the influence of Jupiter tend to be very adventurous. You like to explore new things and places and enjoy the company of the people around you. You are the initiator of new and experimental ideas and thoughts. You are always ready to help others in difficult times. You have a great thirst for knowledge and learn new things at a surprising pace and eagerness. You have a strong inclination for philosophy, intellectual things and analytics. You are a good observer and you notice aspects that others may overlook. So you can perform better in the areas of research and analysis.

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