Why choose a composite wood deck?

A wooden terrace brings charm and elegance to your home, but above all a friendly and warm outdoor living space.

This installation is attracting more and more home owners for the charm it brings to its exterior. Sales have soared and manufacturers have developed many ranges of blades, including a more recent one: composite wood.

What is composite wood?

Composite materials appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, but they really developed around the 1970s/1980s with the combination of polymer and wood.

A composite wood slat is made of 50% recycled wood fiber and 50% plastic material (polyethylene). Thanks to major progress in research and development and the coextrusion process, composite wood slats are very similar to natural wood and exotic wood.

The co-extrusion process means that a protective layer is applied to the boards to protect them against humidity, stains and discolouration.

What are the advantages compared to other types of wood?

First, what differentiates composite wood from other species is its maintenance and durability. Indeed, choosing composite is choosing peace of mind. No special maintenance is required because the wood has undergone a treatment that protects it from all possible external attacks: humidity, color variation and insects.

Composite wood has a stability and durability well above average. As a result, your composite wood deck will not change color, the boards will not move for your greatest pleasure.

Take advantage of the advantages of natural wood without having the constraints, this is the promise of composite wood. Contrary to what one might think, wet composite blades will even be less slippery than dry! This type of terrace is therefore perfectly suited to the surroundings of a swimming pool.

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A large choice of colors that resemble natural wood is available to best adapt to your outdoor environment. In addition, thanks to a high-tech manufacturing process, each plank is unique and has shades of color that vary along the plank in order to get as close as possible to the appearance of natural wood.

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composite pool deck

The composite yes, but at what cost ?

With the enthusiasm generated by this material, many manufacturers have engaged in a race for the best price by putting aside the quality of the blades.

The reputation of composite was therefore tarnished during this period, but new production technologies made it possible to offer quality blades at affordable prices, although composite remains on average more expensive than natural wood.

Thus, count at least 40 € per square meter for quality slats with a minimum guarantee of 15 years against stains and discoloration.

In terms of value for money, composite wood remains unbeatable. Admittedly, the immediate budget may be greater than for a softwood deck, but the lifespan and stability of your deck will give you reason for choosing composite.

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