Which parent is Leo?

The lion parent

Courageous, intelligent, and protective, Leo parents view their families as their « pack » and will do anything to ensure that the pack is protected and happy. A Leo parent wants to be the best, enjoys being praised for their parenting skills.

Leo parents are literally in love with their offspring. Mommy or Daddy Lions sometimes have a hard time understanding how different their child is from them, and they can be confused when their child handles a situation differently from them. A shy child can be a mystery to a Leo. Why can’t he express his opinions like mom or dad do? On the other hand, Leo parents are in tune with their own emotions, and this understanding, appreciation, and discussion of emotions can be the most important gift to their offspring. Teaching that no emotion is “bad” will make them sensitive and responsive children who aren’t afraid to talk to their parents.

The relationship of the Leo parent with his child

Lions parents understand the importance of education. From infancy to coming of age, Lions do everything for their children: play games, organize outings, help with schoolwork, teach important life principles, educate in decency and honesty, generously financing their expenses, …

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The heart of a Leo is a heart that loves honestly, passionately, unconditionally, and without looking back. These parents rely on the love and gratitude of their children.

The Lion Mother

Mother Leo, despite her dominant note of power and dominance, loves her children with all her heart, and they are well aware of it. She is always ready to protect them if necessary. Mothers Lions not only manage to organize their family life perfectly, but also successfully advance in their careers.

Mother Leo wants her child to be the best and the most loved. She takes care of him, buys him all the best. If she grew up in the world of art, science, philosophy, among intelligent and educated people, she will try to bring her child to her level.

The Lion Father

In the role of father, Lions serve their child as an example of optimism, courage, dignity, generosity, and a caring attitude. With young children, Father Leo enjoys tenderness and love. He enjoys playing with them and developing their abilities. He seeks to protect his children from all danger.

Due to their love for the child, Leo fathers do not notice their shortcomings. When the child’s faults become evident, the Lion Fathers take them into account, seeing them as their own faults.

Leo parent, Aries child

Natural leaders, Leos and Aries will get their heads up on each other at times. Fortunately, both signs’ commitment to honesty and their communication skills can overcome any obstacle.

Leo parent, Taurus child

Leo parents get exasperated with their Taurus babies at times, especially this Taurus stubborn insistence on doing things their own way. But these two signs love to hug each other and have a lot of love.

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Leo parent, Gemini child

A Leo parent is sometimes confused by the mutable emotions of their baby Gemini. Leo often sees things in black and white, so they can learn a lot by observing how their baby Gemini defines and navigates all shades of gray.

Leo parent, Cancer child

Leo parents have an almost psychic bond with their Cancer children. Passionate Lions can help lift sensitive Cancers out of their shell and help them express their thoughts.

Leo parent, Leo child

Passionate and intense, Leo parents and children are each other’s best advocates. They are not used to sharing the limelight; together, they learn to take turns and to listen to alternative opinions.

Leo parent, Virgo child

Leo parents sometimes worry that their Virgo child is a little too careful. But the more they observe their little Virgo, the more they will be fascinated by their planning skills.

Leo parent, Libra child

Little Libra loves the certainty of his Leo parent. This model of security in all things can make little Libra brave enough to express their emotions without worrying about what others think. These two signs are adventurous and Libra kids love their Leo parents, and the feeling is mutual!

Leo parent, Scorpio child

Passionate and intense, Leo parents and little Scorpio understand each other’s emotional roller coasters, and they have a very close bond. It sometimes makes sparks!

Leo parent, Sagittarius child

Playful and fun, these two fire signs make a great parent-child combo. Whether it’s reading stories with funny voices, dressing up, or having breakfast at dinner time, Leo parents love learning about the whimsical aspects of their Sagittarius child.

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Leo parent, Capricorn child

Leo loves little Capricorn’s dedication, but just wishes he could try to have a little more fun. A Leo parent is always ready to have a good time with their Capricorn child, while a Capricorn child can remind Leo that slowness and consistency sometimes wins the race.

Leo parent, Aquarius child

Social and creative, Leo parents and Aquarius kids love parties and games. Leo parents may need to adjust to the independence of their little Aquarius.

Leo parent, Pisces child

Leo parents and Pisces children can sometimes have a hard time understanding each other. However, both value creativity and imagination, which allows them to communicate more effectively.

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