Astrological portrait of the ascending Aries Sagittarius

Discover the influence that your ascendant has on your sign, profile, love, work, health.

Character traits of the ascendant Aries Sagittarius

Two forces of nature, with the same passion that thrills in you, with this double sign of fire, you are energetic, optimistic, extrovert and communicative. Your good humor and your joie de vivre are communicative. You like to learn from others, to exchange with them your visions of life, of things, hungry for culture, curious about all that is strange and foreign. This warm, jovial, enterprising temperament that drives you makes you an active and participating actor, you know how to give scope to your achievements. You like to take the lead and put yourself forward, you don’t settle for mundane situations.

The rising Aries Sagittarius and love

Endowed with an impressive and natural charisma, the ascending Aries Sagittarius knows how to be appreciated by all. Not at all fan of bland stories, you are in a perpetual search for passion, so much so that you are ready to seek it all your life. In love, you give a lot and this brings you a lot of disappointments, so temper yourself !!!!!. As a couple, you are attentive to your “other half”, always ready to surprise him and to multiply initiatives and projects so as not to fall into monotony.

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Aries ascendant Sagittarius and LaborSagittarius

Fast, efficient, your professional capacities are great, responsibilities stimulate you and encourage you to surpass yourself. Your analytical mind is fine and realistic, you quickly capture the data of a problem and you quickly envision a solution. Despite these undeniable qualities, your relationship with your hierarchy is sometimes complicated and strained, you must learn to be less impetuous. The professional development of Aries ascendant Sagittarius is fast and intense, he does not conceive of life without work.

Aries ascendant Sagittarius and Health

You show great endurance and excellent recovery, living at full speed, the ascending Aries Sagittarius tends to multiply activities and constantly push his limits, he must find the means to release tension.

Some weak points to watch out for in Aries rising Sagittarius

You are prone to contractions or cramps in your calves or thighs. You must be suffering from headaches, indigestion, broken jaw, femur or hips.

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